Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 5  No. 29  -  Beloved Saint Germain  -  July 20, 1962


The Science of Self-Transformation

Chapter 4
Dare to Do!


Versatility!  I am eternally grateful for that many-splendored quality of creation!  The universe is fragmented; it is spread apart from a center of oneness to a diversity of light, color, tone, and density.  Each partaker of a scene, whether pastoral or of transitory ugliness, ought to remember that the splintered shafts of light rays that compose the swaddling garments of all of creation connect directly with the Great Source and Fountainhead of cosmic unity.

In my historical experiences preceding my ascension—which was identical in its raising action to the elevation of Jesus the Christ—I was in a constant state of listening grace whereby my inner ears and eyes were fixed upon a lovely realm of light and perfection which served to remove the sting of earthly life from my consciousness, producing a comfort that my friends did not perceive.  They often pondered the cause of my inner serenity without understanding its origin.

The contacts with my earthly brethren and the appearances that I have made since my ascension have not always been under circumstances where those I met were aware of either my identity or my power.  May I humbly state that as in other similar cases where one of the ascended host has elected to part the veil of Matter and maya to contact directly unascended humanity, the latter have entertained “angels unawares.” <1>

I am well aware that some of my readers may opine, inasmuch as I am one who has passed through the veil, that this release of my words is of a psychic or spiritualistic nature.  Let me quickly affirm that it is neither.  God be praised that my own lifestream need not subscribe to such limiting forms.

The fact that we are expressing or “vibrating” our life in higher dimensions where ordinary human faculties of seeing and hearing do not function renders neither our service nor our reality of any less effect, nor does it force me to subscribe to the above-named methods of communication.  Blessed ones, you do not by ordinary means perceive radio waves, for they remain inaudible until detected in the miracle of the electronic tube; therefore, trust in heaven’s capacity to communicate with man directly.

Because of my dedication to the holy cause of freedom, I have since my ascension consistently maintained a contact with one or more lifestreams embodied upon earth—and that by cosmic decree and with the approval of the heavenly hierarchy.  Beloved Jesus and other great luminaries who have descended in the fullness of the divine plan have likewise appeared to their disciples down through the ages and do occasionally manifest to men and women of today with no more effort than that employed to dial a radio or television.

My purpose in discussing the subject of heaven’s winged messages from the great cloud of witnesses <2> is not as foreign to alchemy as might at first appear; for it portrays to you a necessary part of my program in the cause of freedom, of which the current series in alchemy is an integral part.

You see, blessed ones, the creation of the visible is wholly dependent upon those essences which are not visible to the unaided eye.  Yet the central ideas occupying the minds of most people—originating as they do in the transient effects of human causation—are not of enough consequence to deserve comment or to be ordained with permanent reality.

I am certain you will agree that even as the range of ordinary human experience becomes monotonous for souls both great and small, so it is a wonderful blessing to them to be able to see into the higher octaves of creation by means of an adjusted consciousness and thus draw inspiration directly from the mind of nature and nature’s God.

Ignorance with its defilement of the Law deprives the individual and society of enlightenment.  The only cure is illumined obedience, together with scientific attentiveness to the detail of the Law.

The benefits of divine wisdom remain unknown to many who suppose that the old familiar theories are adequate to meet the demands of the hour and that nothing beyond empiricism or the empirical method is required.  Actually, the accepted tenets of modern science, being but partially true, are incomplete and therefore provide an inadequate foundation upon which to base advanced research and the control of the elements.

An attitude of complacency does not allow for progress in any endeavor, human or divine.  Thus, where grace might abound it does not.  Complacency remains a bulwark of reactive ignorance, preventing mankind from sharing in the abundance which all heaven stands waiting to shower upon those free souls whose purity of heart and guileless nature make most receptive to our thoughts.

Before conferring alchemical knowledge of any depth upon you, I wish to exalt you into that divine nobility which is as real as the light of the day and your greatest strength in meeting the challenges of the morrow!  To do this may require some examination of the spirit of those sincere alchemists whose excursions into the unknown were productive in more ways than one.

Even the souls who failed completely to discover a method of changing base metals into gold were benefited beyond their farthest dreams by the blessings which came to them as a result of their search.  Even the persecutions served to band them together in singleness of purpose, which, midst human diversity with its unfortunate tendencies toward greed and selfishness, is an achievement in itself.

I am in the hope that you will prepare yourself to succeed in your endeavors.  Above all, stand ready to make the necessary changes in your thoughts and preconceived ideas that will make it possible for you to be victorious.  If man expects to succeed in alchemy, which is in truth dependent on the higher laws of spiritual science, he must nurture the faith on which the strength of his invocation and concentration will rest.

The fusion of metal, the control of atomic forces, and the direction of electronic energy by the mind of man acting in higher dimensions are easy enough once the grasp is acquired.  However, after years of dependence upon the five senses and the attendant acceptance of mortal limitation, I am certain you can see how utterly important it is that your thinking become geared to new possibilities in order to function free of human restrictions and the dampening of a divine ardor by those who say because they do not know, “Impossible!” Let me say to all in freedom’s name, try!

While you are preparing your consciousness for the reception of the knowledge of tomorrow, be aware, then, of the need to ponder the origin of concepts involving limitation.

Beloved ones, you must be sane and balanced in all you do, but realize that true science borders on the miraculous to those who do not understand its formulas.  You approach a solid wall with the idea that you cannot walk through it; yet it is not solid at all, but as full of holes as the wire of a chicken coop.  You cannot walk upon hot coals without burning your feet, and yet medicine men of a less illumined culture than your own do so with impunity.

Countless miracles of Christ have been duplicated by men and women of various times and climes since his wondrous advent, and yet because of human skepticism and forgetfulness, the wonder of it all has been relegated to the realm of myth or the imaginings of gullible minds.  Let me plead for a renewal of faith in the power of God, for this is a requirement of everyone who would be a wonderman of spiritual accomplishment on behalf of the holy purposes of the universal law itself.

Without faith it is not only impossible to please God, <3> but I declare unto you, it is impossible to manifest the perfection of his laws. As faith is so great a requirement, would it not pay well for each one to reexamine his reasons for doubt?

Note well that most doubts arise from patterns of self-deception and the practice of deceit and the failures of the human mind to fulfill its professed integrity.  Seeing, then, that such negative conditions stem from the consciousness of error, would it not be ever so wise for all to look unto Me (the Presence of Almighty God) and live? <4>

With God all things are possible,<5> but as in every science, proficiency does not usually come about without knowledge and its persistent application.  The few who are exceptions to this rule may be called geniuses, but when the whole law is understood, it will be proven that even they had their hours of diligent study and practice.

I particularly want to point out that the purpose of our release of alchemical secrets in this course is to place in your hands and in the laboratory of your consciousness the knowledge of the law which we ourselves have used for centuries with the greatest of success and with the reverence for life which is of prime necessity to an inquiring mind poised on the loving intent of an honest heart.

Here idle curiosity is exchanged for that moral grandeur which so lifts a man above his fellows as to make of him a divine star in the firmament of his contemporaries.  Lifted, then, by no false pride or intellectual misinterpretations, the true alchemist stands with humble mien, gazing expectantly at the teacher who will impart to him, if the attitude and the application be correct, the priceless knowledge of the ages.

May I fondly hope that you will reread the early lessons and assimilate therefrom a new sense of progress and of new possibilities?  I am determined that many in this class shall succeed, and I shall continue to do my part above and below in your octave that this prove true and that great illumination, hope, peace, and understanding be born and renewed within you all.

I AM faithfully yours,

Saint Germain


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[Taken from the book version Saint Germain on Alchemy]