Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 3  No. 10  -  Saint Germain  -  March 4, 1960



To Our Gracious Readers Dedicated to Love’s Service the World Around—

Our Beloved Saint Germain Speaks:

My precious students, chelas and friends, if you will try to realize right now how more than willing I am to draw you very close into my own heart, it will assist you ever so much in the performance of this simple instruction I am giving you herewith.

First, make the calls for your Tube of Light and violet transmuting flame, and then visualize a violet tunnel whose walls of violet flame extend before you as though you were looking at railroad tracks into infinity.  Then while holding this picture call to your own beloved I AM Presence first and then unto me.  While your attention is fixed upon me, call and expect to receive my answer.  I can assure you that I shall do my part to bring each one so doing faithfully for a few minutes each day, at least three times a day at about the same time, an immeasurable blessing from our octave and from my own cosmic hand in the name and by the power of God, your own blessed individualized I AM Presence anchored right within your heart and yet dwelling radiantly above you awaiting your ascension into God’s heart!

This “Tunnel of Light and Love” which you envision should extend from your physical forehead with a slight upward elevation and should penetrate through all human consciousness and discordant conditions, giving you easy access into the realms of light wherein we abide, and thus truly reach our octave of eternal light!  Keep it simple and uncomplicated by human concepts but just receive our love and assistance without limit as you open your consciousness to the unfailing light of God.

I am sure many of the recent Pearls have revealed to you, our blessed students and chelas of the “I AM Law of Life”—which is God’s law for all the earth and the universe too—that we are standing with this activity, but I can assure you that the future as we have planned it shall prove it so grandly as to make even a “doubting Thomas” sit up and take notice.  Now, the sinister force knows it too and that is why beloved Morya and I are both intensifying our love and the bulwarks of light’s protection around The Summit Lighthouse activity.  To do this and in order that the magnificent work we are preparing at present may be brought through without interference, I am taking you somewhat into my confidence:

Beloved Morya stood shoulder to shoulder with me when I needed help on earth with my own many activities of light.  I shall never forget the greatness of his love and light nor his good humor either; I tell you our love for one another is very real!  So also is our love for you, and its tangibility will be more and more in evidence in your feelings and thoughts as you are further cut free from mere earthly thoughts and feelings in answer to your calls, entering into your own God-dominion over all substance and energy.  Right now today, I am standing behind beloved Morya and his light of the Summit 100 percent—and you shall soon all know (if you do not already) that Saint Germain is pouring light through this endeavor with all of the glory and beauty, and then some, which we originally radiated forth in those early days in 1930, and subsequently,  when the entire continent and world, whether conscious of it or not, was set aflame by the power of God in the “burning bush of the ‘I AM’ activity”!

In response to calls from some of you because recent Pearls have not been from beloved Morya—no, dear hearts, beloved Morya has not deserted you or this work but is busily engaged at inner levels laying a secret foundation for future action at the Summit which is so lovely it is as some of you would say, “almost breathtaking,” and O so powerful, for the cause of that love from God which is sent to all the earth!  Dear hearts, give our dear Morya your love and support 100 percent so that this time—even in the outer scheme of things—it shall not fail!  Be patient, genteel and kind, for you will never regret the courtesy or understanding you show to life.

The first phase begins almost immediately:  beloved Jesus and Ascended Master Kuthumi (joint World Teachers) have agreed to release under the direction of Lord Maitreya and the Great Divine Director a series of letters through the Pearls of Wisdom which are a “must” for every spiritual teacher and student as well.  If you know someone who should have them, you will render them and life the blessing of expanding God’s kingdom on earth if you endeavor to acquaint those worthy ones with the service the Ascended Masters are presently offering through this channel.  These letters shall continue until Easter and shall deal largely with communication between heaven and earth, our octave and yours. After Easter beloved Morya expects to resume his magnificent service to you, but requests that in the interim you render a specific service for him:

Now because of the magnificence of this “endeavor,” real protection is needed for our beloved Messenger 24 hours a day.  Should we resume some degree of public dictation by the Ascended Masters to the students much of this momentum of protection must be built up.

The “thread of contact” (as Morya calls the connecting link) is usually somewhat gossamer in appearance but must be made strong like diamond steel cables of light to be strong enough to resist completely the “din of dissonance” (as Morya often calls the voices of the brothers of the shadow) and strong enough, too, to conduct the mighty currents of God’s glory as they flow through, bringing blessings to all the world to the glory of God and peace everywhere on earth to men of good will!

I am sending you herewith three needed decrees with the hope you will faithfully give them and thus be not only a recipient of our blessing through this media for our words and radiation, but a transmitter of God’s own light substance through the open door of your own blessed hearts, which I am surely blessing now as I place around your shoulders with arms of living light, my own violet-flame cape—a tangible article I am sure!

Ever your holy brother,

Saint Germain

(The Ascended Master Saint Germain)