Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 1  No. 11  -  El Morya  -  October 24, 1958


Charges Forth Herewith Its Radiant Beams Which Manifest As


To Our Gracious Readers Dedicated to Love’s Service the World Around:

See Your Own Beloved I AM Presence Face to Face

My blessed chelas—truly sons and daughters of the Christ flame—here and now accept the comfort and assurance of the truth I bring you, that once you have consciously and determinedly entered upon the spiritual path, henceforth you are never alone!  There is always one or more of us standing guard over you through our Electronic Presence stationed at your side; or we may assign an angelic guard to watch with you and to keep you and your loved ones in all your ways.

We who are endeavoring to help you gain your freedom from every binding karmic condition periodically look over your worlds to ascertain what more we can do to hasten your deliverance from the shackles of the human consciousness.  At such times it is our greatest desire for you to receive some grant or dispensation from the great Karmic Board that would enable you to see your own beloved I AM Presence face to face in all its Godlike majesty and effulgent glory.

 Of course we are wholly God-free beings in our own realm and right; yet we are absolutely, willingly and joyously obedient to the Great Cosmic Law as well as to the law of your own free will and karma, trusting completely and resting serenely in its wisdom at all times.

However, we know that if for just one fleeting moment you were to be able to see your own beloved I AM Presence face to face, this experience would help you O so much on your spiritual journey.  Ever thereafter the memory of the Divine Image smiling upon you with such unspeakable love would help you sustain a most buoyant and joyous enthusiasm to “keep on keeping on.”

Know, then, that by revisiting in your mind’s eye the loving face of your Presence, that Divine Love’s impetus in your endeavors will quickly and completely purify your four lower bodies, your thoughts and feelings, and your affairs.  Know that by Divine Love’s alchemy this will take place as you engage in an even more intensive use of the violet transmuting flame than you have ever engaged in before.  And know that when you have used that violet flame enough, the glory and the magnificence of Divine Love’s I AM Presence can no longer be hidden from you—even from your physical sight.

When Moses asked the Lord to show him the glory of his Presence, the Lord said:  “I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord, ‘I AM THAT I AM,’ before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy, but Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.” <1>

Unascended mankind have not understood this statement.  It is a mystery that I hereby reveal:  No man shall see God and live—as man.  For once man has seen the glory of the Lord face to face, he can no longer live as mortal man.  Transformed by his vision of the Lord in the glory of the I AM THAT I AM, he must henceforth live as the God he has seen in man-ifestation.  Having seen the Lord’s Image and Likeness, he is re-created after that Image and Likeness.  The God-man has displaced the hu-man, or the “hewn-man”—that man that was “made of the dust of the ground.” <2>

For his karma’s sake, Moses, in the outer, was not allowed to see God face to face; for the Lord answered him and said:  “Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock....And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen.” <3>

Nevertheless, when Moses came down the mount Sinai the second time with two tables of testimony in his hand, he was not aware that “the skin of his face shone while he talked with the Lord.” <4>  And Aaron and the children of Israel were afraid to come near; wherefore Moses put a veil on his face while he spoke with them.  But when he went in before the Lord to speak with him he took off the veil.  And so it was that though he himself was not permitted to see God’s glory, this glory shone upon him as a testimony of the Lord’s Mighty I AM Presence to all the people. And they believed on Moses as the Messenger of the Lord; for they saw the Lord’s glory, not face to face but reflected upon the face of Moses.

So much for the dispensation of Moses:  “And the glory of the Lord shone upon him....”  But with the coming of Jesus Christ and the Piscean dispensation the door to the I AM Presence was opened to the children of God.  The Father sent his Son, the Only Begotten of the I AM THAT I AM to be the Blessed Mediator between the plane of his absolute perfection and the plane of imperfection to which his errant children had descended.

As you know, this Blessed Mediator is your Beloved Holy Christ Self, whose advent Jeremiah foretold when he called him THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Through this Universal Christ, individualized and personified as the Teacher and Friend, Guardian and Guide of every child of God, the glory of the LORD may now be seen face to face.  For the Holy Christ Self is the Only Begotten (Son) of the I AM THAT I AM, truly the glory of the LORD, in whose face the supplicant beholds the face of God.  And the word of the Blessed Mediator to each seeking soul who would look up into God’s face is:  “I AM the Open Door to your Mighty I AM Presence which no man can shut!”

Thus, since God sent his Son into the world, that through him the world might be saved,thousands of unascended lifestreams yet bearing their karma as Moses did, even many who were unaware of their own I AM Presence, at some split second when (even unknowingly) they made a certain attunement with their Holy Christ Self, that Presence has been visible to them for just a moment.  Often they thought the Presence to be some angelic messenger, delivering a blessing of illumination, protection, warning, or whatever the Holy Christ Self deemed necessary at the time.  And the fullness of such a blessing might not even manifest in their outer experience-world until some later date.

Now, this glimpse of the I AM Presence may have seemed to the outer self a happenstance, although it really was not.  Everything in our realm as well as in yours works according to cosmic law.  If there be an effect, there must be a cause to have produced it.  In this instance the effect, the sight of their own Beloved God Self, was a gift of grace that they had earned somewhere in some way.

In the case of an awakened or fully enlightened chela, however, the appearance visibly and tangibly of his I AM Presence will not be just an isolated manifestation.  Once the God-conscious chela has arrived at that purified state where he can see his Presence face to face, by spiritual attainment rather than as a gift or grace, then he will be able to see the Presence at will and by cosmic law the sight thereof can never be shut off from him again.

I know that you now see much more clearly than ever before how desirable and rewarding to you is your constant, grateful, and joyous use of the violet transmuting flame.  For at any moment of any hour of any day when you shall have purified yourselves enough and when the attunement between you and your Holy Christ Self is in accord, your lovely, radiant I AM Presence will reveal itself to you.

Do you not think that the Father longs to reveal his Presence to you, loving you as he does above all else and all others?  The Light of God’s Presence is an all-powerful magnet to draw your attention to itself.  And through your attention the Presence then draws all of the energies which you have used and misused throughout the centuries of your embodiments here on earth into the sacred fire for transmutation.

Therefore, persevere in your conscious purification of those misqualified energies by the violet flame so that your sendings to your Presence will glorify his name I AM THAT I AM.  Remember the words of beloved Saint Paul, now the Ascended Master Hilarion:  “Be not weary in well doing:  for in due season ye shall reap, if ye faint not.” <6>

In your daily application of the Word in prayer, affirmation and decree, as you send your sincere love and gratitude to your I AM Presence for life’s opportunities, ask the Father to reveal himself to you in your full waking consciousness.  And the Father will answer you according to his cycles and he will hasten your experience of a personal victory.

May I gently suggest, dear chela, that you give to this ritual some definite daily attention this week.  This joyous manifestation will increase your faith no end and multiply all the good in your world.  And as an additional help, try to manifest in your daily living at least one of the Godly virtues of your Beloved I AM Presence as expressed and demonstrated to you by your Holy Christ Self, virtues such as divine patience, mercy, justice, kindness, generosity, strength in the Light, etc.

Also, try blessing your friends and all whom you meet with a special manifestation of the Blessed Mediator each day and thus expand the Light of the I AM THAT I AM in the world everywhere you go.  Then at the close of your day humbly enjoy reviewing the visions of the faces you have brightened with your smile, the hearts you have lifted, and the karmic loads you have lightened.  I say “humbly” because it is your lovely I AM Presence who has rendered this service through the Holy Christ Self through you!

Make it a point each day to transmute the mistakes of yesterday by good works and words of comfort and cheer—charged with the violet flame you so intensely invoke.  Make it a point to consciously expand more and more of the Light of your Presence by using the day’s allotment of energy to magnify your Lord and multiply your works and words by the threefold flame of your Holy Christ Self anchored within your heart.

By this deliberate action know, chelas of the will of God, that you are gradually but surely making the radiance and the reality of your I AM Presence both seen and felt in this physical appearance world.  Then one day not only shall you be able to see that Presence at will but you will actually have become its very God-perfection for eternity in the victory of your ascension!

 Beloved Immaculata, Silent Watcher of the earth, will help you to achieve this goal if you will ask her.  She is so willing (as we all are) to answer your every call for more Light and more of God’s perfection.

I know that the very possibility of seeing your Presence face to face, which I have set before you this week, will bring a tremendous lift to your spirit.  And I, who love you with an intensity that no unascended being can understand, await your calls—always first to your beloved I AM Presence and then to us—so that I may joyously help you to manifest God’s will for you.

Your Morya


This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of the Ascended Masters’ Darjeeling, India, Council of God’s Will, of which all the ascended host are members.

Formulas for supply:  Not only is it the will of your own beloved I AM Presence that you should behold God face to face, but it is also the will of your Divine Source that you possess God’s limitless abundance of every good thing (including money) and use it to expand Christ-perfection everywhere on earth.

So if you will accept this law and if you are willing to do something about it, take the following I AM affirmation of beloved Jesus and use it three times each day, at approximately the same times, repeating it for five full uninterrupted minutes without taking your attention from your Mighty I AM Presence:

“I AM! I AM! I AM! the Resurrection and the Life of my finances!”  Repeat this mantra nine times and then seal it with the acceptance given once:  “Now made manifest in my hands and use today!”

As you repeat this for five minutes, visualize in your hands the desired abundance or the amount of money you need.  Keep up this exercise in full faith in the Light of God that never fails until you get results.  Be certain that you submit your request to the will of God, that your motive is only to serve and bless all life, and that you are also willing to go to work to do your part to precipitate your own supply.  “The LORD [the Mighty I AM Presence] helps those who help themselves.”


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