Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 1  No. 3  -  Maha Chohan  -  August 29, 1958


Charges Forth Herewith Its Radiant Beams Which Manifest As


    To All Who Would Receive the Flame of the Holy Comforter,

Fair indeed is the countenance of a small child, which still carries the imprint of the beautiful innocence of heaven.  Now, this sweet innocence which is the consciousness of the babe in arms is a very natural gift to you from your own Holy Christ Self.

This Christ Self of you is the one about whom the psalmist spoke when he said, “He that keepeth Israel [that which is real about you] shall neither slumber nor sleep.” <1>  This Divine Self of you stands as your guardian presence all through your many embodiments on this earth, during which you have manifested various expressions of personality.

This Christ Self intensifies its interest and service to your outer self once you have become illumined enough to recognize and accept and begin to serve your own beloved I AM Presence.  The I AM Presence is the Source of your being, whose life your Holy Christ Self is releasing to you every passing moment.  It is this life that gives your physical heart the rhythm and energy of beating.

When this Holy Christ Self (with the Father and the Holy Spirit) endowed you with the most precious of all God-gifts, life itself (for all life is the life of God Almighty, our heavenly Father), he gave you the kingly power of the actual Presence of God in you.  With that gift came the boon of opportunity to expand your spiritual light through the use of a physical body on earth in which you could learn the God-way to live with others of his family and household.

No one can give that which he does not have.  Every gift that one gives is that which is a part of his world and is thus qualified with his nature.  So since it is the nature of the Holy Christ Self to express heaven’s nature, it holds the lovely patterns of innocence and sweetness for the lifestream it guards as well as those gentle qualities with which all newborn life comes into the world, causing men to comment so often upon the sweetness of childhood.

However, even though possessed of this God-gift of beauty and innocence, as the little ego comes into a physical body and begins to make its mark upon the screen of life, how quickly is that sweet innocence marred and sometimes seems to disappear completely, only to be replaced by the thoughts, feelings, spoken words and deeds of personal possessiveness, harshness and disrespect.  These qualities the little ego soon learns to express by watching the family with which it is associated and those who contact its little world and by absorbing the discordant radiation constantly thrown off by others into the atmosphere and into the environment in which the child lives.

Then all the beauty, innocence and sweetness of the presence of God, which in the very early years were held about that little form by the very angels themselves, seem tossed to the winds.  So quickly is heaven’s birthright exchanged here for the comforts (questionable though the full meaning of that word used here may be) of the satisfactions and pleasures of the physical senses.

The dominance of everyday living, which keeps the attention of the individual so much upon the things and needs of this world, so soon closes the door to the spirit of childhood and innocent consciousness.  When such a change in the child consciousness takes place, as you all know, then certain of the unfortunate habits and accumulations of energy from past embodiments and past momentums of thought, feeling, spoken word and deed of that lifestream begin to bare their fangs, teeth and claws.

When a lifestream stands before the great Karmic Board requesting physical embodiment, it is I who give holy consent and assent to each one to receive the grant of another physical embodiment on earth.  Without such assent from myself and therewith the promise that into the physical form which they will inhabit I would breathe the very breath of Life, no physical form could possibly exist here and all incoming bodies would be stillborn.

Is it not quite reasonable, then, and understandable, too, that I should be so interested and sincerely concerned about the protection and sustenance of the spiritual welfare of every soul I sponsor?

Beloved ones, did you ever think of the tremendous gratitude each of you who is breathing the breath of Life in embodiment today should feel toward your own God Presence and those of the Great White Brotherhood who have made it possible for you to so experience life here at this very moment—particularly when in order to give you the grant of a body two others had to be denied and wait in the inner realms another whole year before obtaining a physical form to wear through which they could work out their karmas of the past?  Think on this!

In recent talks with the beloved Kuthumi, he and I have discussed the great need for, as well as ways and means of, keeping the sweet, innocent child-nature alive within the hearts of the incoming children and younger generation as they progress into the mature experiences of manhood and womanhood.

Surely you all remember our beloved brother Jesus’ statement, “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” <2>This statement embodies real truth.  Now, naturally every sincere and loving parent will want to educate his child in the wisest way possible, fitting him to fill the best possible place among his fellowmen, enabling him to live a rich, full and happy life.  So in this way is the outer consciousness cared for and expanded.  But what about the soul?

When I look upon young people and see the physical body growing straight and tall while the spirit within remains small and shrunken, it is always a cause of regret to me, one which quite naturally, however, is mitigated in part at least by my knowing the inner perfection of the Presence of God within each one, that glorious victorious threefold flame of eternal Truth within.

Of course, I know for a certainty that one sweet day the Holy Christ Self within that flame will be given opportunity to announce its presence; and within one split second, as you sometimes say, can that Christ Self arise within the expanding threefold flame and take complete possession of that outer ego, hold dominion there and expand perfection from that moment henceforth in the fulfillment of the divine plan of that lifestream.

Now, turning my attention to you, gracious reader, to you who are full-grown physically, may I say that I would so love to fan the flame of the Holy Spirit into a blazing fire in, through and around you, restoring eternal youth and beauty to these very forms which you wear, regardless of your present accumulation of years which men call age.

You see, as you fulfill your part of the divine plan by endeavoring to help others expand their light and be free from human distresses, the Great Law permits me to help you.  Such help is the releasing of my very nature of loving comfort to you, which contains every God-gift of perfection, of which eternal youth and beauty are a part.  To give such help is my reason for being, and my joyous desire to assist you.  The glorious God Presence who created me has given me this service to render, and as a humble servant of the Most High it is my joy to obey.

Now, without the conscious cooperation of your good selves I must live only in the hope that someday, somehow, I shall have opportunity to give you my help.  However, when you do consciously cooperate with the Law of Life and make the call directly to me, calling me by name and asking me to help you expand your soul-light, it is impossible for me to fail to answer you!  Right here and now, put from your minds even the thought that I either could or would fail you!

Of course, since you are as yet unascended I cannot promise you that because you do so call to me, a wholly free and ascended being, your call will instantly and forever relieve you of ever again experiencing unpleasantness.  Tests of the strength of your light must come to you through certain daily experiences, but pass them victoriously by calling forth the Light both of your own beloved I AM Presence and of ourselves.

The Great Law will permit us to help you by holding the faith for you in the reality and power of your own God Presence until you can obtain your own personal anchorage in that I AM Presence.  With our conscious help you can pass your tests much more quickly and victoriously than you could alone.  Thus you will shorten the days of your human distresses.

Now to those of you who really believe in the reality of my Presence I speak:  Let us now prove to the world at large, to all who look upon you, that eternal youth and beauty are the natural and practical manifestations of the Great Law of Life.

Let me fan the sacred fire within each of you into a living flame which will produce through you here and now these qualities which you so desire.  Give me daily opportunity so to do by calling to me for this purpose.

In some I see that the dying embers of this sacred fire cause them to fear the appearances of distress which come with advancing age.  Now let me awaken in you the eternal beauty and perfection of your own God-nature, that of everlasting Life.

For by the gathered momentums of your daily calls to me to this end, you can build around yourselves the Flame of the Holy Comforter.  Then you may be my arms of comfort to another, perhaps one whose face is unfamiliar outwardly to you but yet is very fondly familiar to us and to the Holy Christ Self of all!

Hopefully awaiting your call to me - I AM

                     The Maha Chohan

  the embodiment of the Holy Spirit to this earth


This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of the Ascended Masters’ Darjeeling, India, Council.

1. Ps. 121:4.

2. Matt. 18:3.