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Did you ever have that time in your life when you’re very busy and you get a birthday card or Christmas card from your Mom and she fills you in a little on what is happening. But you just stare at the card, because you feel, above all the information provided, you are holding sheer love – the card carries your Mom’s love.

Well, Pearls of Wisdom are like that. They are “letters” from ascended masters and archangels, with deep spiritual wisdom.

But above and beyond that they use the Pearls to send their love and light. It is their love and light that blesses us most.

So we read them with an open heart, an open mind, and also with the mind of a scientist or a detective. Why? Because the ascended master veil the deep truths, they plant seeds, make suggestions, give point A and C and make us deduce point B. As we read, meditate and realize the full import of their messages, we gain both the momentum of pursuing the master and the mastery of this striving on our spiritual path.

Now how does a heavenly being deliver a letter if they have no body?

Well, they need a secretary, an amanuensis or what we call a messenger.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet were trained by the ascended master El Morya to be the clear messengers of these Pearls. Much like St. Paul was taught by the ascended Jesus Christ, Saint Catherine of Sienna dictated The Dialogue of Divine Providence, and more recently, Guy and Edna Ballard of the I AM movement, Helena and Nicholas Roerich of the Agni Yoga Society, the Prophets received these messages from the 1950s until Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s retirement in 1999.

When Elizabeth retired, The Summit Lighthouse still had hundreds of dictations – timeless wisdom – yet to be published in print, plus thousands of lectures on a wide range of fascinating, spiritual topics.

The Tao Says Start Now

As the Chinese say, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.” Starting with this month’s Pearls of Wisdom, you can start your monthly experience of imbibing the timely and timeless light, love and wisdom of the ascended masters and angels.

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