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El Morya Has a Chair By the Fireside for You

Did you ever have that experience in your life when your Dad, Mom, or maybe a grandparent sat you down to give you that sage advice they felt you needed and were ready for? As they pass on their knowledge, you can’t help but feel the tremendous love for you and that they might be looking out for you better than you are?

El Morya and Lanello have given us the similar image of us sitting by the fireside at Morya's Darjeeling retreat.

“And so let us then talk together this night as though I were sitting by the fire in the family room and you were gathered around me for an informal talk about life, about the world, about where we are going together. For whatever happens, come what may, we move forward together. For this group, this noble company of souls, is a part of the vast mandala of hierarchy, of the children of God who have been together for generations of Light. And so as the fire crackles in the fireplace in Darjeeling, so I look into the Flame and I consider our fiery destiny.”

The Pearls of Wisdom are like ascended master fireside chats, giving us both deep spiritual wisdom, their foresight into our problems, and their magnanimous love and light. And it is their love and light that blesses us most.

Even though we approach this wisdom with an open heart and mind, we also need the mind of a scientist or a detective. Why? Because the ascended masters veil the deep truths, they plant seeds, they make suggestions. They give us point A and C and make us figure out point B. Why? So that in striving to realize the full import of their messages, we gain both a momentum of pursuing the master and a mastery of discovering and applying these deep truths on our spiritual path.

When Elizabeth retired, The Summit Lighthouse still had hundreds of dictations – timeless wisdom – yet to be published in print, plus thousands of lectures on a wide range of fascinating, spiritual topics.

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