The Path of the Ascension

The Path of the Ascension

What is The Path?

“The Path” means the path of the ascension. It is the goal of life. There are a number of tests and a number of challenges that you must meet before you can say you are actually on the path of the overcomer.

Those who are on that path are daily pursuing the balancing of their karma and the fulfilling of their dharma—the duty to be oneself, to fulfill one's reason for being.

The ascension ritual, whereby the soul reunites with the Spirit of the living God, the I AM Presence, is through the acceleration by the sacred fire at the natural conclusion of one's final lifetime on earth.

In the process of the ascension the soul, having balanced her karma and fulfilled her divine plan, merges first with the Christ consciousness and then with the living Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

Once the ascension has taken place, the soul—the corruptible aspect of being—becomes the incorruptible one, a permanent atom in the body of God, free from the round of karma and rebirth.

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