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el-morya-235…a place for our community to engage and connect… to share experiences, inspiration and news.

What’s happening in your Teaching Center? How about your Study Group? And if you don’t live near a TC or SG, how are you managing to stay in touch with your friends on the Path?

Share what’s on your mind and heart. We also always love to hear the story of how you found the Teachings – sometimes it seems the angels work overtime helping us out! We’re all in this together, and your voice matters. So let us hear it! We’ll put your comments, questions and concerns right here AND link to the latest posts in our TSL NOW! newsletter where the rest of your brother and sisters can join the conversation.

Reach out. Tune in. Stay involved.

I would love to share news about your events, your projects and your victories!  Please write to us at TheCommunicationsTeam@tsl.org.


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