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The purpose of the Summit Lighthouse Chartered Virtual Study Group is to provide a platform for group decrees and study and to offer a sense of community for those who do not live near a center or who can not travel. 

We broadcast live daily: 7 hours of morning decrees in three time zones, Astreas at intermediate and accelerated pace; weekly “Watch with Me, Jesus Vigil of the Hours,” Ascension and Saint Germain Services, Sunday Service live broadcast from Montana, 2 youth study sessions, and 2 study sessions for seekers and Keepers, totalling 66 hours weekly of online events. Our event times are posted in the Western European Time Zone.

Our members and participants are from 11 countries.

Our online outreach activities include a website with decrees for seekers and a members’ area with video and audio decrees at an intermediate pace.

We also have a very interactive Facebook page (Our Divine Potential) currently with 4,015 followers. We post 3 times a day and have started a Facebook Live once a week. We are regularly told by readers how grateful they are for the teachings shared. One person recently wrote on the page:

“Your posts really inspire and educate me!”

and another

“WOW. Thank you so much. I feel so light just having watched this.”

Below is a message from a Muslim living in Pakistan. 

We are posting webinars and Facebook Live Presentations on our Our Divine Potential YouTube channel. 

We have two WhatsApp groups for communication. One group is for announcements regarding group activities, the other is for group discussions or requests for prayer. When one of our members was seriously injured earlier this year, we were quickly able to share the information for calls. 

Following are testimonials from a few of our members:

From a chela in the UK

“ the time of my retirement, I felt isolated and cut off from other Keepers. It’s been a great joy to be a part of this group and experience the true spirit of community. I have learnt so much and got to know KOF from Europe, USA, South America, and the UK. There is always encouragement to move forward on the path. I know the Masters are with us because their Presence is felt in a loving and strong manner. I look forward to our group meetings and I no longer feel isolated. When I travel, I know I won’t miss out because I can connect and be with my friends on the path.” 

From a chela in Ukraine

I am infinitely grateful for finding this group. I started praying “Astrea” with you in the evening, joining Saint Germain services and Sunday service broadcasts from Montana. Soon others joined. For the Ukrainian Keepers of the Flame, every moment of our joint service on Zoom with the participants of the Virtual Study Group is valuable. We appreciate the Sunday services, book studies and presentations by Joseph Macchio on cosmic history. Many thanks for providing the translation into Russian by Romas of the dictations and lectures. The early morning decrees, conducted by brother Romas, helps us boldly go into the world with the light of the Brotherhood. 

A deep bow to all of you for the great new opportunities and bridge to the light of the Summit Lighthouse.

I am writing this as my personal and our group testimonial of God’s leadership from the Great White Brotherhood.” 

From a chela in Germany

I love our study group because it gives me a chance to interact with like-minded people. We all have the same goal and it just feels so great to connect with people all over the world. I love the fact that we are so international, can learn from experienced members, and take care of each other and make calls for one another when needed. We have many active members with different gifts and those combined and shared makes this study group so special to me. I love that I have the option to attend daily morning decree sessions at three different times of the day and that I have so much flexibility to join decree and learning sessions. The study group gives me the feeling that I am not alone on this path, it gives me the feeling of community and being part of something important. I find our group leaders extremely engaged and it is great to have a minister on the team who has truly changed my life and can answer my questions. 

Before joining the group, I wondered about people on this path and felt the deep need to connect with them but it took a while until I found this group. I was at a difficult time in my life and the day I joined the study group, I felt like I was pulled up by eagle’s wings and was lifted to higher realms – the leadership took such great care of me and I was blown away by the energy they invested in me and how engaged they were. I went on to volunteer at the inner retreat for three months- this would not have happened if it wasn’t for this study group. It is needless to say that this study group has changed my life. I am so glad that I could start my day decreeing with a group and being able to help the Ascended Masters even more through the group decreeing dispensations. The group supported me so much in so many different ways – I am eternally grateful to El Morya that he connected me with these precious people!

From a chela in Holland

for me interestingly in this group that there are people from different countries with different knowledge and insights about the Ascended Master Teachings. I learn from the questions and comments from others in the group. The different subjects and themes which are brought forward in the books, lectures and other activities have made me come further in the Teachings and the Path to come closer to God. Before I have come to the group, there has been missing knowledge and insights about the Ascended  Master Teachings and especially the psychological aspects in my life. I have developed much further with the negative aspects of my psychology.”

From a chela in the UK

“The virtual study group has been a great blessing not only for the UK, but for many other countries. Not everyone lives near a group and some have family responsibilities or infirmity.” 

From a chela in Sweden

“I have earlier felt very alone as a Keeper on the Swedish island where I live. Since I joined the TSL Virtual Study Group, I have a warm feeling of belonging with this dedicated group, which in turn makes me feel more connected with our whole church.

I have gained a much greater momentum and constancy with my decrees, as we do morning and evening decrees together as well as prayer vigils, services from the Ranch, lectures etc. I am very grateful for the information through the call sheets about what is happening in the world. And comforted to know that many are praying.”

Check Our Divine Potential Facebook page and YouTube Channel for our next presentation.


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