Nine Months of Summit University

After the SU seminar Bring Home the Lightbearers! in the Inner Retreat in 2018, some of our Keepers commented that these teachings were so key that our community should have the opportunity to receive them.

So the idea was born to have this SU in our Teaching Center. But we didn’t want to do it in five days. We wanted to do it in TEN days. Why? Because we wanted to create time to discuss the teachings, and so create a deeper understanding.

Remember we weren’t allowed to make notes during the seminar? In the original seminar there were evening sessions with replays and discussions. That is the Omega part of the Alpha of the release of the teachings. So we decided that this would be the added value to the replay of this seminar.

We proposed the idea to Summit University, and received permission to give this SU in ten days. Not ten consecutive days, but ten Sundays spread out over nine months!

After morning decrees, we started each session with a review. It was amazing to see how hard it is to remember anything of the last session without any reference. So we made a short summary to refresh our minds.

Then we had the lecture, lunch, afternoon decrees, and the discussion. These discussion sessions of an hour turned out to be very transformative. We would address the subjects that stood out in the lecture and often these subjects would be pretty confronting. Working through them, would lead to deep realizations and transformations. We even received a new communicant in our midst.

Each afternoon session ended with one or two dictations and Holy Communion.

Although the sessions were two to six weeks apart, the last session amazingly felt like the end of a usual SU seminar, with a lot of light, and a lot of blessings. The best proof that this layout was working!

We are most grateful that we could have this seminar in such a profound way in our community. We could all witness the transformation in each other throughout these nine months.

Hail! to beloved Jesus and Kuthumi, always with us.

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