A Victory for the Twin Flame Nations

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

India and America are identified by the ascended masters as the twin-flame nations ordained for a mighty cosmic purpose for these times. For co-measurement, consider the teaching of the masters on twin flames as applied to individual souls: “Twin flames are divine counterparts who are created from the same White Fire Body, twin flames share a unique electronic blueprint which none other will ever have; likewise their cosmic destiny is unique and none can fulfill it in their place. The White Fire Body divides into two identical spheres.  One of these twin spheres is charged with the masculine polarity and the other with the feminine polarity of the Divine Whole.1

The twin-flame nations of India and America have been assigned cosmic roles to play in the ushering in of the great golden age (Sat-Yuga) for our planet Earth. America has been assigned the masculine polarity symbolized by Uncle Sam, and India has been given the feminine role of Mother India—both for the nurturing of their children.

Fusion of Twin Flames

In a dictation given in 1980, beloved El Morya spoke about the twin-flame ties between India and America and how they can be spiritually accelerated. “It is most important that you cooperate in your calls to Chananda, to me, to Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, to Serapis Bey, the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain for the coordination of the divine plan for all of India and America as one. Let us then superimpose India on the map of the United States. Let us realize the fusion of these hearts, East and West, as the mighty fusion of twin flames.” (Beloved El Morya, Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 23, No. 26, June 29, 1980)

Power of the Science of the Spoken Word

To that end, the ascended masters have given us a powerful decree (Decree 7.06) for forging the cosmic purpose of fusion of India and America through the exercise of the science of the spoken Word:

By the power of three-times-three,

America, India, and all are free!

The masters have told us about the release of the immense power through the spoken Word in decrees when given in the name of the I AM THAT I AM. We also know that inner meaning of the fiat, “The Light of God never fails and the beloved Mighty I AM Presence is that Light” We have been giving the above listed decree for many years and by the grace of God with our heart chalices upraised, we can affirm it: “America, India, and all are free!”

Visiting Memory Lane

In retrospect, I remember when I came to the USA in 1966 to receive higher education, I heard some people calling India a third-world, overly populated, underfed, economically poor and technically backward country. The political image of India in the nation’s capital was also not very favorable.

In a landmark 1975 dictation, “Setting the Pattern for the New Year,” given by beloved Chananda, he closed his message by talking about the deteriorating political relations between India and America during those times: “And so my sharing has been for your individual attunement, for your concern for planetary conditions and your awareness of these conditions. My coming has been to extend the love of our retreat and to invite you to come to our retreat when we hold those special sessions that are for chelas who are concerned with God-government on Terra and specifically concerned for the relationship between India and America.

“There has been such a deterioration of the flow of light between these nations, through the media, that the feelings of hostility on both sides of the earth lead to a coolness and a lack of concern.

“So let the chelas of Morya reestablish the ties and let them be ties of light. Let your light flow into India and let India be preserved. For her contribution to the golden age is indispensable. So let her children be protected, her mothers be nourished and her fathers be upheld in the discipline of the Law. (Beloved Chananda, Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 59, No. 24, December 15, 2016 [emphasis added])

The political relations between India and America began to thaw for the first time in May 1994 when the then Indian Prime Minister Narasimha Rao visited the White House and met with President Bill Clinton. On that day, a Keeper of the Flame and myself took the day off from work in Maryland, went to Washington, D.C., stood outside the White House fence on the south lawn and gave decrees for clearing of the energies between the two nations.  By the grace of God and the ongoing violet flame and other decrees of our worldwide community for many years, we are now witnessing the breaking of the dark clouds and the clearing of the energies in terms of forging friendly ties based on mutual respect, love and understanding between these two beloved twin-flame nations. All glory to God!

On June 15, 1994, an outlet of the global news media reported how this breakthrough between the leaders of India and USA occurred that day during the meeting in the White House as follows2:

“This is how contemporary history is made. Not with the clash of cymbals and the amplified blare of trumpets, but in hushed backrooms over power lunches and quick, urgent handshakes.

“No hype and hurrahs, just a mutuality of interests between receptive minds. In that sense, the underplayed success of Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao’s six-day swing through the U.S. was entirely in keeping with the subtle but significant change in Indo-U.S. relations.

“At the end, Rao and his hand-picked team did enough to elevate the relationship to a higher and more mature level where convergence of interests will outweigh divergence of views. That alone bookmarks a major shift, pregnant with dramatic diplomatic potential for India. But only if, as one senior Indian delegate remarked wryly, ‘we play our cards right’.”

It Is the Dawning of a New Day!

September 22, 2019 will be remembered as a memorable day for many generations to come, especially when people in the future talk about the spiritual significance of this day. It was the DAY when the prayers of the devotees of the masters were tangibly answered in a rally called, “Howdy Modi,” organized in the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas to honor the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in front of more than 50,000 Indian Americans. The U.S. President Donald Trump also attended. More than two dozen governors, members of the U.S. Congress and local officials also attended the event.

It was on this day, when for the first time in recent history, the leaders of the two largest and ancient democracies addressed a joint rally. Both the Prime Minister Modi and President Trump spoke warmly and in highly favorable terms of this growing relationship between India and America.

Prime Minister Modi:

(1) “We are witnessing a new history and a new chemistry in the making. This is proof of the increasing synergy between India and the United States. The energy at NRG stadium is proof of this India-USA synergy.”

(2)  Speaking about the changing face of new India, the Prime Minister Modi said, “We are challenging ourselves. We are changing ourselves. India is progressing like never before. India is questioning the very idea that the country can never change. In the last five years, we have achieved several milestones. We are aiming high, we are achieving higher.”

(3) “The formation of New India is India’s biggest oath at the moment. The nation is working very hard to realize the dream. We are competing with ourselves, challenging ourselves and changing ourselves.”

(4) “The people are at the heart of all relationships: From Houston to Hyderabad, from Boston to Bengaluru, from Chicago to Shimla, from Louisiana to Ludhiana.”

(6) “Today it is said that data is the new oil. I will also add that data is the new gold. Industry 4.0 is focused on data. If there is one country in the world where data is the cheapest, it is India.”

President Trump:

(1) “India has never invested in the United States like it’s doing today, and I want to say, it’s reciprocal, because we’re doing the same in India.”

(2)”In November the U.S. and India will demonstrate dramatic progress of their defense relationship, holding the first-ever trilateral-service military exercise between our nations – ‘Tiger Triumph’.”

(3) “Prime Minister Modi, I look forward to working with you to make our nations even more prosperous than ever before. Our Constitutions also begin with three common words: ‘We, the People.’”

(4) “Prime Minister Modi and I have come to Houston to celebrate everything that defines the India-America relationship,” He described Modi as “a great man, a great leader and my friend.”

(5) Trump credited the Indian-American community with “helping to strengthen our country and build our future,” citing its contributions to medicine, business and technology.

Comments from Our Community

Many community members have expressed their feelings of joy and gratitude to the masters in honor of this great God-victory by sending their comments. We have included some of them below. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending your comments!

(1) Wonderful. Feels very genuine! Doesn’t it? (DB)

(2) It was a blessed day! (KG)

(3) Our prayers are being answered for our twin flame nations.  The photos show love. (SB)

(4) Very inspiring to see the result of our ongoing prayer work for America and India! (SK)

(5) This is a Godly moment (MT)

(6) This is a beautiful, encouraging event. (FM)

(7)  Truly, Praise God. Love it (FM).

(8) Beautiful! God bless this union of hearts! (TM)

(9) A great God-victory for the lightbearers of our planet! (MH)

(10) Praise God! Indeed I feel the joy of heaven and within all our hearts as well! (EDP)

(11) That was an amazing event to watch it all unfold (JP)

(12) It is so great to hear this news! We must keep up the spiritual work to hold the line where it is so far and to advance. (AMD)

(13)  I did watch it on TV and Praise God for all your work for India. (TP)

(14) Glory be to God! (BJS)


We sincerely believe that what we are witnessing here in terms of stronger ties between India and America are by the grace of God and the result of the ongoing spiritual work of our worldwide community and dedicated prayer warriors making consistent calls for the victory of the twin-flame nations. We can feel the joy of heaven in the hearts of beloved Mother, Mark, Morya, Chananda, Babaji and the unlimited hosts of light.


2 https://www.indiatoday.in/magazine/cover-story/story/19940615-pm-narasimha-rao-meets-president-bill-clinton-talks-business-plays-down-kashmir-809248-1994-06-15 [emphasis added]

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