Ashram Update at the Freedom Conference

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

We were very happy to welcome two students from India to the Inner Retreat for the annual summer conference, “The Flame of Freedom Speaks to a New Generation.” One of our assistants, Jaypreet Thukral, and his mother, Mohanjeet Kaur, were able to attend both the conference and the Summit University seminar, “The Call of Sirius: Restore God-Government on Earth! The summer events were well-attended by both the old members and new students. Many thanks to the elementals for providing perfect weather throughout with daytime temperatures ranging in mid-seventies.

We feel very happy when people from India can attend our events and meet the worldwide community of the Keepers of the Flame. It was Jay’s second summer with us in Montana. He returned to experience the masters here again. As always, it was a spiritual feast of light filled with teachings and several landmark dictations from the ascended masters. Mohanjeet and Jay often attended the daily decree sessions and presentations. They enjoyed the three presentations offered by the young-adult representatives of the new generation which were very informative and timely. To the delight of the music lovers, five new songs were introduced by the Excelsior Choir which were received with much enthusiasm by the cheering congregation.

Yellowstone Hot Springs soak - July 2019

To top it all, Mother Mary’s Sacred Waters Initiative, also known as Yellowstone Hot Springs, located at the entrance to the Inner Retreat, opened to the public in March of this year. It was a big attraction for the conference attendees and the general public who enjoyed soaking in the warm waters.

Parade of the Nations

Freedom class - flags

India was well-represented in the annual Parade of the Nations held on July 4 and attended by devotees from around the world.

parade of flags

The almost two–hour long colorful show filled with fanfare, cheering crowds and joyful energies entertained everyone present in the King Arthur’s Court and also on the internet broadcast. We hope many more pilgrims from India will be able to participate in the future summer events at the Inner Retreat.

India Update Meeting

Freedom class report

The India update meeting was held on July 4 from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm in a tent near the King Arthur’s Court. As always, the purpose of the meeting was to provide a brief update to the community members about the goals of the Chananda Cultural Society, our past and planned outreach activities and to listen to the new ideas from others.

Last Year’s Outreach Activities

Last year’s activities of the Chananda Cultural Society included:
(1) Two major workshops conducted in March 2019 in New Delhi followed by several mini-workshops at the ashram;
(2) Ongoing support for the Chananda’s Children School-in-the-Park Program;
(3) Violet Flame Pocketbook in Hindi published by the Blue Rose Publishers and available online;
(4) Several Hindi translated publications in the pipeline;
(5) Three TSL Songs in Hindi soon to be released;
(6) Several postings on the You Tube Channel, Chananda org and;
(7) Improved and User Friendly Website,

Planned Outreach Activities

Plans are underway to conduct an International Summit University (SU) seminar in New Delhi in September 2022 in English with simultaneous translations in Spanish and Hindi, and possibly Russian for the first time. Other planned activities include more YouTube clips on the Teachings of the ascended masters, webinars using Zoom and other social media venues and publishing more pocketbooks on teachings in the English language.

India Pilgrimage in September 2022

Following the SU seminar in September 2022, a two to three weeks long pilgrimage is being planned to visit some of the popular, historic and spiritually significant cities which would include New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Darjeeling, Varanasi, Sri Lanka and possibly other destinations. The Chananda Cultural Society has conducted four India pilgrimages so far in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 with pilgrims who came from countries across the world.

One of the main purposes of these pilgrimages has been to do spiritual work for clearing the cities visited of the records of the negative energies. The travelers also will also have much time to enjoy sightseeing as well as shopping for the beautiful treasures of India. The upcoming trip holds the promise of fun, friendship and spiritual insights.

We hope you will consider joining us in this sacred pilgrimage to the Motherland!

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