Moving Forward in the Light

By Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

By the grace of God, the light continues to grow and expand in India. Much has happened during the month of May at the ashram as briefly described below.

Ascended Masters’ Teachings on YouTube Channel

India ashram - YouTube story

We have uploaded some introductory level bite-size (3-5 minutes long) teachings of the ascended masters on the Chananda Channel on YouTube using a mix of Hindi and English languages from the perspective of Hinduism and other Eastern religions. There are several more which will be uploaded soon. - YouTube videos

To access the Chananda Channel, please go to YouTube, and type ― “chananda org” or click this link:

Chananda Channel on YouTube

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International Summit University Retreat Vienna, Austria

SU in Vienna - Altar

In late April, Jaspal, along with two Keepers of the Flame from New Delhi, Poonam Chugh and Mohani Singh, visited Vienna, Austria from April 28th to May 2nd to attend the International Summit University Retreat. Lois came from the US to join the India representatives.

SU Vienna - Parade of Flags

SU - Vienna waltzIt was the first Summit University experience outside of India for both Poonam and Mohani. They were able to not only bask in the light but also had an opportunity to integrate with an international gathering of Keepers of the Flame for four days.

The topic of the seminar could not have been more appropriate to reconnect with the I AM Presence. It was focused on the teachings contained in the book, Unveiled Mysteries, by the Ascended Master Godfre Ray King and published by the I AM Movement. The teachings were given by the Mother (Elizabeth Clare Prophet) in 1982.

One of the highlights of the SU seminar was the parade of the flags and a Saint Germain Freedom Waltz that was held on May 1 — Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. The joy flame during the entire retreat was tangible everywhere and one could feel the presence of the ascended hosts!

Hindi Violet Flame Pocketbook Now Available Online

Violet Flame book in Hindi

Last month, our publisher, Blue Rose in New Delhi, began distributing our first book printed in the Hindi language, Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul. It is available at several book stores in New Delhi as well as through online portals including Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues and more. We had spent a considerable amount of time in translating the English version into Hindi to ensure its accuracy because we intend to use this Hindi version as a benchmark in further translating into other Indian languages.

There are 22 major languages spoken in India, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects. Hindi is spoken by approximately 420 million people.

The exciting video trailer of the book is accessible through the link below:

Kalki avatar book posterYou Are Kalki: Avatar to the Rescue!

Also this month, Blue Rose Publishers began working on our second book, You are Kalki: Avatar to the Rescue! It is noteworthy to mention the theological similarities between the schools of thought behind the second coming of Christ in the West and the coming of Kalki, Avatar in the East. According to this prophecy, Kalki, which is the name of the tenth and final incarnation of Vishnu, is destined to appear in India during these troubling times to rescue people from their ignorance, darkness and foulness. He is depicted as a great warrior, riding on a white horse and descending from heaven with a drawn sword or an arrow in his right hand.

When observed through the lens of the Ascended Masters’ teachings, several parallels can be drawn from the both prophecies of East and West. The inner meaning of the coming of Kalki relates at a deeper personal level to every sincere seeker of truth who purifies himself to make himself ready for the permanent bonding of his soul with his Higher Self who is Kalki.

Lois and Jaspal have authored this pocketbook which tells a fictional story about six ordinary people from different religious backgrounds living in India. Each of the people finds ways to make a difference in their community through a common spiritual thread. Each one is on a quest to tangibly improve something in their worlds. They work within their own religious frameworks to tap the universal power that is revealed for their use. The book includes teachings of the ascended masters on the seven chakras, the science of the spoken word and the violet flame. The book will be available both in hard copies and electronically this summer.

The following captivating video trailer about the book is available on YouTube.

We thank you for your kind support in furthering the mission of the ascended masters in India and we ask for you to please pray for these new books, the trailers and our YouTube channel with the teachings presented in Hindi.

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  1. Thank you for posting the report about the Vienna SU!

    What a wonderful new book! This will really help the Indian people to relate to the teachings and to their mission in life. Praise God!

    Making the calls …

  2. Dear Jaspal and Lois,
    I always enjoy reading your updates on your adventures. Vienna must have been divine – thank you for sharing.

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