Expanding the Light in India!

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

The month of March marks the end of India’s short winter months and beginning of spring. There is a gentle fragrance in the air. The resurrection energies are noticeable in nature through the sweet humming sounds of the birds, new colorful leaves germinating on the trees and flowers everywhere. This year, March has brought a new wave of energy to the ashram as seen in the great increase in our outreach activities. All of us feel excitement and notice a sparkle in the eyes of both old members and new seekers of truth. Within the month, we conducted two major workshops in Delhi and held a study group meeting in a nearby suburb of Delhi attended by several people.

Two Back-to-Back Workshops

bookstall at March 3-2019 workshop

On Sunday, March 3, Lois and Jaspal were invited for the first time to be featured speakers and conduct a full-day workshop, at the International Spiritual Festival from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm at a major venue in Delhi called Zorba the Buddha. This venue is located in a wilderness-like setting, an hour’s drive from the ashram. The title of the presentation was “How to Work with Angels, Devas and Deities in the 21st Century.”

March 3-2019 bookstall and seekers

Several new seekers came from different cities from north and south India.

March 3, 2019 workshop

On the following Sunday, March 10, we hosted another full-day workshop,“Secrets of Attracting Money and Cosmic Abundance” at a well-known venue in Delhi, the India Habitat Center. This topic is very popular in India. The bookstall gathering and sales at both workshop venues were very encouraging.

Workshop on March 10, 2019

One of the outcomes of these workshops was significant because in both events, people came from distant cities where we have not had members and where we can now establish outposts of Chananda Cultural Society, by God’s grace. The students in these cities expressed their desire for learning more about the teachings by forming groups there.

Workshop - March 10, 2019

We think this is a milestone accomplishment and a stepping stone for expanding our outreach thrust in India. Thank you for your prayers and thank you beloved masters and angels for cutting the lightbearers free in these cities!

A New Study Group

Study group - March 16, 2019

On Saturday, March 16, we conducted a two-hour workshop, “Many Blessings of Violet Agni” primarily in the Hindi language at the home of a Keeper of the Flame in the Delhi Metropolitan City of Gurgram. It was an inspirational meeting with new seekers and old members in attendance. People asked many interesting questions about the violet flame and its spiritual significance. We are planning more meetings wjth the group in the future.

Chananda’s Children Update

Chananda's Children in the park

The Chananda’s Children School-in-the-Park Program has been growing steadily over the past four years. There are now 10-12 children who attend the late-afternoon classes at the park given by a school teacher and an athletic trainer who also comes to the park in the mornings. Both are paid by Chananda Cultural Society. Some of the older students and their parents asked if the children could now be sent to a public school nearby. This is a significant development because the positive changes that are taking place in the children are being noticed not only by the children themselves but also by their peers, parents and people who stroll in the park. The Chananda Cultural Society is looking into logistics of sponsoring some of these children who are ready to join the schools.

Thank you again for your prayers and support!

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  1. Blessings my Brother, you are on such a tremendous path for positive growth. I pray for your success in this tremendous endeavor.


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