Finding the Teachings at Camelot

By Teddy Ten Broeck

In 1978, I met a couple from Sarasota, Florida who were vacationing in the US Virgin Islands. Upon my return to Florida, I visited them and they told me they were moving to California. Later when I moved to California, I visited them and they told me to check out the ascended master teachings at Camelot.

I went to Camelot during an annual Easter conference and found that entry involved a conference fee. Being skeptical of religious organizations, I declined. Then the greeter at the gate told me that I could attend the Easter Sunday service the next day for free. So I did and wandered around. Seeing that the chapel was full I found the grass outside the overflow tent to be comfortable. Then I heard an unusual voice talking which I never heard before. I later learned later it was a dictation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Jesus statue at CamelotThe voice was so compelling that I laid down and closed my eyes to give full concentration and intellectual evaluation. I found this to be futile because the discourse was beyond intellectual evaluation – it was deep soul to soul talk beyond what I had ever experienced. Thus I faded in and out of the analytical state occasionally returning to outer analytical consciousness thinking, Wow!

Finally nearing the end to the talk the voice identified itself stating, “I am Jesus Christ who has all the power in heaven and earth to raise up by the power of the Holy Spirit whomever I choose as a messenger.” I exclaimed to myself, “Of course, no big thing.”

Obviously I missed most of the content trying to analyze that I asked how I could hear it again. They told me the dictations are recorded and I could later borrow from the library, but that they often replay the dictation at the following weekly Sunday service.

Being excited like never before, it was hard to wait another week because people experience lifetimes and never hear the words of the masters. So this was an incredible wait for me only to be disappointed at the next weeks service because they did not replay it. My heart sank.

Later after the Sunday service I happened to wander by the kitchen when I heard the same voice!

I said, “That’s it!” and immediately ran into the cafeteria and stood by the kitchen where people dropped off their dirty trays to be washed. No sooner had I given full attention not to miss a word over the noisy clanking dish washing someone approached me and told me I had to leave. Feeling insulted I exclaimed, “I heard this a week ago and now you are asking me to leave?” Another usher then joined in asking me if I was a Keeper?

I shortly and quickly blurted out, “No I am not a Keeper, but I am going to be a Keeper. All I want to do is hear this dictation and then I will leave.” A calm determination came over me in which I decided that I was going to stay, and the only way they could remove me was to drag me out but I would not fight.

In a moment the first gentleman said to the usher, ” I think we better leave him here.” to which the usher replied to me, “Okay, but you have to leave right after.” “Of course, I promise,” I quickly answered.

And that was my initiation into the teachings, as I was told people receive. I never questioned or doubted from that first 1983 Easter Jesus dictation, but attended every service I could and every quarterly conference for more than 12 years.

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