Finding the Teachings While Traveling

By Simone Moessinger

I and my soul mate had decided to travel the world. We both quit our jobs and started traveling. I already noticed some inner changes within the first few weeks and a whole new world opened up to me: the world of God, angels, and ascended masters. The minute we arrived in Australia was like a bomb exploded: one made of butterflies, hearts, angels, love, energies, and just a completely different world.

It was like a portal had opened. A door to a new life. After following my angels’ guidance for a few weeks my soulmate and I watched the movie “Sister Act”. At the end of the movie, when feeling positively refreshed and happy I just kind of glanced at the TV. The end credentials of the movie were shown, and I saw a name “Germain”.

Somehow, I found this name strange. I am German and thought: “What a strange name. It almost looks like the word: ‘German’.” I did not give a second thought to it. However, about half an hour later I decided to read more about my new hobby: the spiritual world. I wanted to finish an article that I had started to read but not finished, and there it was again. This time his full name was mentioned: SAINT GERMAIN.

I could not believe my eyes. I did not believe in coincidences. So, why did I see the same strange name twice? Who was this Germain guy? And he was supposed the be a Saint? Really?

I started reading more about him. Then I read that Guy Ballard (Godfré Ray King) had written some books with him. I started reading my first book of the I AM book series and stepped into the most wondrous forest I had ever seen… It turned my life upside down and was the beginning of the most beautiful journey I have ever taken in my life.

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