New Cycle at the Ashram

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

The year 2019 has brought renewed energies to the Ashram helping us to continue growing in the light. One can feel the freshness in the air and sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. It has been seven years since Chananda Cultural Society was registered as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in New Delhi, India. We also know that the seventh ray is Saint Germain’s violet transmuting flame representing the alchemy of Aquarius and change from old to new cycles. The winds of change are indeed blowing in the ashram.

A New “Look” at the Ashram

Ashram lobby 2019
The ashram terrace got a new look last month with three new, big colorful pictures: the I AM Presence Chart, the Threefold Flame, and beloved El Morya hanging on either side of the front door welcoming the devotees. The pictures have added a glow of light to the ashram. In Delhi, the month of March usually marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is a pleasant time of the year when everyone likes to sit on the terrace under the sun during our community meetings and workshops. The new look on the terrace walls is perfect for these gatherings, especially for the upcoming celebration of Mother’s birthday in early April.

First Invitation as Featured Speakers

Now we are getting ready to hold two back-to-back workshops in March. The first workshop is on Sunday, March 3 when Lois and Jaspal have been invited to be featured speakers at a major three-day public event, the “International Spiritual Festival,” sponsored by the Life Positive Foundation—a New Age Group based in Delhi. We will be presenting a full-day workshop from 9:30 am-6:00 pm on “How to Work with Angels, Devas and Deities in the 21st Century.”  Many New Age people are known to come from all over India (and the world) to attend this event every year.

The following Sunday, March 10, we will be hosting another full-day workshop, “Secrets of Attracting Money and Cosmic Abundance,” at a well-known venue in Delhi—the India Habitat Center. This topic is also very popular. Poonam, Jaspal’s assistant, is calling all of the seekers who have contacted us in the past and encouraging them to come. This personal request on the telephone has proven effective for our other outreach events—along with your prayers and the activity of the angels—and we are looking forward to a full turnout, God-willing.

A New Approach to Weekly Mini-Workshops

Ashram study group - 3-2019

On January 20, we concluded the series of 11 weekly mini-workshops at the ashram, “Balance Your Chakras with Violet Flame and Transform Yourself.” It was a successful experiment which brought both old members and new seekers to participate.

In February, we thought of trying another new idea. On the weekends, we play brief segments of ascended masters’ dictations and facilitate understanding them through explanation and discussion. We begin by first playing a portion of the dictation. Then we take turns reading from the Pearl of Wisdom what we just heard. We briefly discuss it before playing the next segment. Then we repeat the cycle. Since most of the people in our group are not familiar with the dictations, we hope that using this approach will help them understand and assimilate the words of the masters.

Introducing the Teachings on Our Chananda Channel on YouTube

Earlier this year we began uploading bite-size (3-5 minute long) teachings of the ascended masters on YouTube using a mix of Hindi and English languages. (People refer to this as Hinglish). We have uploaded several introductory level teachings from the perspective of Hinduism and will continue to do so in the future. To access the Chananda Channel, please go to YouTube, and type “chananda org” or click this link: Chananda Channel on YouTube. You can become one of our first 100 subscribers!

Smiling Faces of Chananda’s Children

Chananda's children exercising

The Chananda’s Children School-in-the-Park Program has been growing steadily. Chananda Cultural Society pays a teacher and an athletic trainer to come to the park every weekday afternoon to teach the children basic letters, reading, and math as well as physical education. Usually there are 10-12 children participating.

Chananda’s Children School-in-the-Park Program

Lately, some new children have joined the group while others have left with their parents to visit their villages around Delhi. Although some of the children may come and go, one can nevertheless sense a steady improvement in their behavior and their interactions with one another.

Many thanks to beloved Archeia Charity, Mother Mary and a multitude of angels for helping them!

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  1. Sending youall all the light of the Masters. I really appreciate receiving your newsletter. I have a special soul connection to India.. Wish I was there. With the Love of the Violet Fire transforming all of us every day, Carolyn Amrit Knaus, Eureka SPrings, AR in America

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