Crystals Everywhere!

By Rev. Lois Drake

For many years I had a friend, Mary, in Prescott, Arizona, who made an annual trek with her husband to Tucson in February for the International Gem and Mineral show. Upon her return she regaled me with stories of rooms full of amethysts, rubies, emeralds, and other gems. She said the entire city was taken over with booths exhibiting jewels, jewelry, crystals, geodes, and fossils.

Mary had lovely crystals around her own home and believed, as I do, that each crystal was carefully tended by the nature spirit (or elemental) who helped to form it. She also believed that every crystal was a focus of light. She said you had to be careful where you set down a crystal in your home because once placed they were sometimes difficult to move. They liked where you set them just fine!

saguaro cacti in Arizona
Saguaro cacti

So this February, I decided to see for myself and I spent a few days in Tucson as I traveled around Arizona visiting members of The Summit Lighthouse.

First, I love the desert. It was cold during my visit, but I’m not complaining.

roadrunner in Arizona - beep-beep

When I was a child I spent a lot of time in Tucson visiting my grandparents and cousins. I remember walking in the desert like this and finding turquoise or obsidian. The wildlife is fascinating such as the curious bird known as the “roadrunner.” And how can you not love saguaro cacti?

The desert always seemed like a magical place.

Well, the gem show makes it even more magical. What was really special was accompanying Anneli Chapin as she and a team from The Summit Lighthouse bravely ventured into tents, convention halls, hotel rooms, and arenas of booths to find just the right gems, crystals, statues, and altar items for you to welcome into your homes when you shop at The Summit University Bookstore in Montana or online at

The team spends days carefully poring over the many options looking for the best quality and affordable prices. I was impressed. They are great shoppers!

Lapis display
Lapis display at Tucson

Where do you begin in a hall of beautiful blue lapis (left) and you realize there are many more hallways to view? You need the ascended master El Morya and the angels to guide you!

aquamarine display - Tucson
Aquamarine display – Tucson

And what about the other minerals? Which ones are intended to hold light in the homes and workplaces of spiritual people? A friend of mine was looking for aquamarine.

Anneli and the team carefully review all the possibilities. Here she surveys some amethyst samples.


Anneli inspecting amethyst at Tucson
Anneli inspecting amethyst at Tucson

Lois and quartz crystalsFinally it was time for a rest. I couldn’t resist sitting in a crystal chair. How much fun is that?

Not everything in the bookstore or online comes from the gem show—in fact only about 25% does. Some products are ordered from other sources and many pieces of fine jewelry are made by our members.

Nevertheless, the next time you make a purchase in the store or online, I hope this snapshot of the gem show will give you an even deeper appreciation of how hard the elementals work to bring their gifts to you!

The team welcomes you to visit the Summit University Bookstore the next time you come to our headquarters in Montana, or shop online at:

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  1. This is a great photo of you Lois!!: “filed under: At the Inner Retreat” but I wouldn’t have thought it was taken at the inner retreat, more like the gem show!! Pleased to have been able to participate with you and Anneli, et al, visitiing the gem show!!

  2. Lois, So beautiful…I love the crystal chair…Thank you so for sharing…Keeping the work in India in my prayers…Wish I was there! I loved the Roadrunner. We have them in my town sometimes… Carolyn Amrit Knaus, O.M., M. S. in America

  3. Thanks Lois, so there really is a road runner.
    I thought he was only in the “Road runner cartoon!” Thanks for a great story and photos about the crystals and gems at the Arizona show.
    Robin Bourke

  4. The Tucson Gem Show surely must be amazing! And I love what you say about each crystal being tended by a nature spirit.

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