My Experience with the I AM Presence Chart

Oonagh - Santo DomingoI AM Oonagh Mok and I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I have been practicing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for 15 years ago, which I learned from my sister 25 years ago. She unwaveringly spent 10 years giving me books, pictures and decrees. She invited me to conferences about angels and the Violet Flame among other things. It wasn’t until she invited me to a Summit University seminar in 2014 that I fell in love with Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus, and above all, the teachings. Afterward, I became a Keeper of the Flame and later, was baptized and became a communicant of this church.

I am a psychologist and I work with toddlers. When I began studying the teachings, I had heard about how children at a very young age still remember things about the celestial spheres and I wanted proof of its truth. My sister had given me several stamps; one of them being the I AM Presence. Once when I had to care for a baby that wouldn’t stop crying because she had been separated from her mother, I decided to do a test. When I showed her the chart of the I AM Presence she immediately stopped crying as if by magic.

I thought: “Well maybe it’s because of the colors”, but then again, we all know that babies can only see red and black, so I decided to test it on other children. The results were the same. In other words, if they were nervous or crying and I showed them the chart of the I AM Presence on the palm of my hand, they would immediately stop crying and start smiling.

It was no longer a coincidence; as it would happen with many children and my assistant would say to me: “Auntie Oonagh you always calm the children down.” She didn’t know what I was doing.

Working with Special Needs Toddlers

Later, I changed employment. Though I was still working with toddlers, now they had special needs like, autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy.

I always have a picture of the I AM Presence in my pocket and a picture of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal; the Virgin with rays coming out of Her hands. I work in a place with devout Catholics. There is a chapel and mass is conducted every week, so it´s not unusual for me to have a picture of the Virgin in my pocket to show the children. Of course, I don’t show them the Chart in front of other people, but only when I am alone with them during individual sessions or when there are no adults present.

Children with autism have a problem with their development which can be signaled by specific behaviors, such as repetitive and restrictive conduct, certain difficulties in relating to others and is detectable in the early stages of life.

Children with Down Syndrome have a genetic problem caused from an abnormal cell division that produces additional genetic material from chromosome 21. Down Syndrome can be characterized by a distinctive physical appearance, mental retardation and slow development.

Children with cerebral palsy have abnormal cerebral development, generally before birth. Some of the symptoms are: exaggerated reflexes, lose or rigid extremities and involuntary movements. These symptoms tend to appear during the first years of infancy.

One of the goals of these therapies isn’t to make the child speak, since that rarely occurs but instead that they learn a form of communication and follow instructions, among other goals depending on the child; since even though the children may have the same diagnosis, they are all different.

In the case of autistic children, which, for me, is more tangible, many are aggressive, cannot communicate verbally, have disruptive or inappropriate behavior. But, in a moment of conflict, when I show them the image of the I AM Presence, they calm down. In some cases, a few of them have wanted to take the Graphic from me and keep it.

Only one showed aggressivity when I showed them the Graphic and tried to inflict self-harm. I had to contain the child by embracing him and rocking back and forth until he became calm again. He was a child with an extreme case of autism was nonverbal and with aggressive behavior. As in all cases, there will always be the exception to the rule.

The children with Down Syndrome marvel at the I AM Presence and smile. The most wonderful thing that happens is that if they are nonverbal, they will begin to talk to it when they see It. Not only does this happen with the ones that have Down Syndrome but also with the ones who have autism. Indeed, when a child, who has no verbal skills begins to say words, it´s priceless and a gift from God.

Most children with cerebral palsy don’t talk and have little movement. Among the goals of therapy is to regularly do exercises where they must follow objects with their eyes. In this sense, the experience has been very enriching since there are children who will follow sounds but not objects or cards that are shown to them. But when I show them an image of the I AM Presence, they begin to laugh and follow the image with their eyes as if they were remembering something wonderful, like the Grace of God.

In a word, my experience has been wonderful. I believe that God is using me as an instrument so that these children may remember their divine origin and the time when they were with the Lords of Karma and they offered themselves for a purpose. I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Masters, the Christ within each child that meets me and to have words of love and encouragement, not only for them but also for their parents, family and tutors. I thank God for everything.

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  1. This is marvelous! Praise God! This is heart warming! Keep up the good work! This is such a hopeful discovery!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Best regards,

    Patricia R.

  2. What a heart-warming witness! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, and please keep up the God-work!!!
    Dawn C.

  3. So Wonderful.
    I AM Presence chart is a single most potent “tool” of conversion for young & old.
    Thank you & God Bless

  4. Thank you ever so much for sharing your experience with the use of the chart for children when they are not at ease. Brilliant !! …My story is somewhat related.

    I meet a gentleman friend (who has recently lost his wife) in town for coffee once a week. This week I decided to ask him to put the “little book mark” of the I am presence chart in his wallet even while acknowledging that I realized that he is not particularly religious, although he now attends his wife church on sundays mostly out of respect for her memory.

    Quite frequently we are joined by a very bright, intelligent and gracious 11-year old who comes into the cafe to wait for his mother to pick him up from school whenever she can, or to wait for a connecting bus, when she is not able to.

    This week for the first time, we actually got to meet his mother and a friend of hers who sat at the table next to ours. After handing my friend a copy of the I am presence chart, it occurred to me after chatting to her son for a few mins and to the mother, since she was very congenial, to ask her if it would be okay to offer her son a picture of the I am presence chart.

    She agreed, so I passed it to him with a brief explanation. He looked at the picture briefly then turned it over and read the short mantra on the back. His first response was: it’s very poetic. I nodded and then addressed his mother at the nearby table. I held up the chart and asked if she would like one too? When she enthusiastically agreed, I handed one to her as well, and invited her to ask her friend seated at her table whether she too would like a “spiritual card”? Her friend who was hard of hearing, nodded her consent, so I gave her one as well!

    It was time for me to catch my bus, so my friend and I got up to leave. Just outside the cafe, my friend drew my attention to the fact that the boy was still staring at the card, whether the picture or the verse on the back, I couldn’t tell, but his attention seemed to be riveted on the card. Praise God! No doubt, it had gotten his attention!! When I see him next time, hopefully next week, I will ask him for his feedback and observations.

  5. This is so magnificent. I am remembering theteachings about young children remembering the celestial realm…Ty for sharing…It is so inspiring and a method to work with particularly in the typical early months with babies and with developmental disabled children and perhaps adults. God’s grace be with you and your work.. Carolyn Amrit Knaus, M. S.

    • So beautiful and inspiring Thank you, also wondering if your first name is Irish. Am Irish and wondered.

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