Welcoming 2019 at the Ashram

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

New Year celebration - India ashram

For the past several years, it has become a tradition to celebrate two major events every year at the ashram with the whole community for spiritual work and social fellowship. The first event involves getting together to welcome the new year and the second one honors Mother’s birthday. This year, we celebrated 2019 with the members of our community on Saturday, December 29 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. During the month of December, the weather in Delhi is usually unpredictable due to fog and cold northern winds blowing from the Himalayan Mountains.

With the help from our beloved elementals, the weather that day turned out to be very comfortable with the temperatures ranging in the mid-seventies. As always, we set up guest chairs on our big third-floor balcony. Thus, everything was ready and set to go for the feast of love and light!

golden program bookletGolden Program Booklet

We had sent invitations via email to everyone on our mailing list, followed by telephone calls. Over 40 people came including long-time members, some with their families and friends, and even new seekers.

We prepared a nice-looking golden booklet for the program with pictures of Ganesh (the Great Divine Director) and Lakshmi on the front cover. It is a customary practice in India to honor the presence of these two beloved deities for conducting the Pooja ceremonies (holy rituals) and singing bhajans to them during major Hindu celebrations such as Diwali (festival of lights), the new year and other family and business occasions.

Unique Spiritual Proposition (USP)

We began by playing an audio invocation by Mother followed by the song, “Precious Gautama,” to beloved Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the World. We also played a few other songs and gave some decrees including the “Heart, Head and Hand” and some other shorter decrees.

Our past experience tells us that it is always helpful to explain the meaning of different verses in the songs as well as the words of the decrees as many people are not familiar with the ascended masters’ terminology. The songs and the decrees selected for the event were nicely interwoven in such a manner so people could follow them with ease.

New Year celebration - India ashram

The theme of the brief sermon was ‘What is Your Unique Spiritual Proposition (USP) in 2019?’ The masters have given the answer to this question in the Individualized Chart of the I AM Presence as well in the diverse body of the teachings. The same answer is also written in the ancient Hindu Upanishads as one of the five Mahavakyas (Great Sayings) “Ahm Brahamasmi” or I AM Brahman.

A further explanation to this question is given by the ascended masters through the colors of the threefold flame in the heart. They have called these three attributes as the living Presence of the Hindu Trinity of Brahma (the blue color of power), Vishnu (the yellow color of wisdom), and Shiva (the pink color of love). Through the correct use of these attributes, a person is able to align his vibration with the I AM Brahman consciousness and experience the inner purpose of life. During the service, we prayed to the Individualized God Presence to help us in our resolution to align with our Divine Self so we can manifest our USP in 2019.

Letters to the Karmic Board

New Year 2 - India ashram

Every year, a popular feature of the New Year service has been the writing letters to the Karmic Board. This year was not an exception. It is also helpful to give a brief overview about the purpose and functions of the Karmic Board and how, we, the students of the Masters, can play an important role through this knowledge and can hold the balance of energy for our cities, nations and the planet in 2019.

Just before the conclusion of the service, we gave the decree to the Great Karmic Board and while the letters were being collected, we sang their song. The letters were consecrated on the altar and later burned as everyone formed a ring around and chanted the Gayathri mantra.

Celebrating with Yummy Food!

By this time, people were hungry. Along one corner of the balcony, we set-up a few tables with a nice assortment of delicious Indian sweets and other gourmet dishes including samosas and pakoras, pastries, hot chai and juices. However, the most popular dish was the Buddha pudding made and brought to the ashram by a Keeper of Flame. Everyone seemed to have a great time and a memorable way to begin the New Year.

Thank you beloved masters, Mother and Lanello for your loving Presence! And thank you dear elementals for giving us a nice day to celebrate!

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  1. Wish I could attend a service there. I haven’t met another Keeper of The Flame since we moved from Chicago to South Carolina in 1999. Also was a member of the Washington, DC Teaching Center Community briefly (2 yrs.) in late 1980’s.
    Hail Saint Germain!

  2. Oh I so love the altar with Krisna etc. in India….So wonderful how the teachings of the Ascended Masters can be woven of course into all spiritual cultural traditions…This is so beautiful…As an American I so enjoyed seeing the ” Indian” altar …..I send prayers for your work in India. Carolyn Amrit Knaus, M.S. in America

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