Summit University Seminar in Teaching Center Holland

Claim the Victory Way of Life! Seminar

By Joyce Carels

October 26-28 were very special days for Teaching Center Holland. It was our first Summit University seminar without Rev. Carla Groenewegen coming over from Montana to help us. However, thanks to the SU School of Theology, we now have a minister and a brother in our midst who have been carefully trained to lead our SU seminars.

2018 SU Seminar in Holland 1

Although we decided to keep it small in our own center and to only translate the student workbook, it yet proved to be a huge undertaking to prepare the event. Those of you who organize events know what I’m talking about.

We decided to let an organic caterer facilitate the meals, and that was a big success. The food was good and everyone had their hands free and real break time.

2018 SU seminar meal were great

There were 18 participants onsite and 3 online! The online part was a trial run that we broadcasted through Zoom. It appeared to be a great success and we will now start broadcasting our Sunday Services and lectures on Zoom as well. Now people cannot just hear it, but also see it, which will be a big improvement.

SU Holland broadcast 2018

Out of the 18 participants, 10 were volunteering frequently. I found that amazing, that more than 50% of the participants needed to volunteer in order to have a well-organized SU.

But of course, it was more than worth the price! We couldn’t have expected such an outpouring of light. How we got to love the “Tall Master from Venus”. How close he is to us. And how much does he want us, this earth, to succeed. His Presence is more tangible to us ever since.

2018 SU seminar Holland

This SU gave our community a boost! We are ever grateful to God and the masters and the staff of Summit University for giving us the opportunity to be tutored at such an accelerated pace, and be transformed in the process.

This SU clearly taught us not to use our heads, but our hearts! Use the mind of God, or you will never get where you must be. Not even at the end of the SU! 😊

We are now ready to use Victory’s steps to victoriously implement our plans for 2019. For to receive it implies the responsibility to use it!

SU Holland Class of 2018
Victory! Victory! Victory!

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