Champions of Light Seminar – Miami FL

By Rev. Bonita Frazier

We had one of the most significant and informative Summit University seminars ever, Champions of Light – Conquer the Dark Side of Life with Durga, Mighty Astrea and Archangel Michael. The seminar, in English, was sponsored by the Miami Study Group and held in Miami at their center from September 1-3, 2018.

There were 35 participants from around the area. The highlight of the seminar was the harmony of the group and the board and, of course, the amazing teachings from Mother on the movies ‘Ghost’ and ‘Flatliners’, what happens to the soul at death and near death experiences or NDEs.

We think that all of us became more acutely aware of what influences us negatively and the details of how to protect ourselves beyond what we already do with our decrees to Archangel Michael.

The food was great and the company and the hospitality was superb! We wish to thank the board members: Rosemary, Sonya and Victoria and a special shout out to Lydia Cortes who provided our home away from home.

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