My Rosary Letter

By Dawn Curran

I am writing this as a witness to the goodness and presence of the Masters in my life. For a little background, I was raised in the Catholic faith until I was 18 and have always felt a devotion to Mother Mary. But as with many others – that dogma was unable to satisfy my soul. I continued searching for a teaching I felt was out there, somewhere. Lo and behold, of course, those teachings were the Ascended Master’s Teachings and I found myself home.

rosaryI was delighted to find that Mother Mary had released the New Age Rosaries along with the mystical teaching about them. I was able to continue my devotion to her and pray for special needs like the end of abortion, healing for friends and family, intercession in world situations etc.

As time went by, I wanted to spend more time studying the Pearls of Wisdom and other spiritual writings. I remembered Mother suggesting that we read a little bit of Thomas a Kempis’s “Imitation of Christ” before falling asleep at night. I also wanted to reread my Keepers of the Flame Lessons.

I needed to find a way to make time for this, and I remembered the Masters saying that it is good to read the Pearls aloud for several reasons: to use the power of the throat chakra to speak them again into the world, and to speak them aloud to assist at better learning and understanding the meaning of the Pearl. And above all, I realized that the Pearls are scripture – the highest release of spiritual teaching on this beautiful planet.

So, to make a long story shorter, I decided to try combining my daily rosary with scriptural reading. I began with “Imitation of Christ,” alternating a verse or two, in place of the Bible readings, with my Hail Mary’s and using the same matrix of prayers for the entire rosary. When I finished that book I began with my Keepers’ lessons and eventually completed rereading them too. I found a deep meditation during this process and deepening understanding.

Since then, I have spent time communing with Serapis Bey reading Dossier on the Ascension, and El Morya reading Chela and the Path, and our Beloved Gautama during Quietly Comes the Buddha. I have found deeper communion with Mother Mary while reading her books.

I also find that whatever I am using with my rosary is always in tune with the messages of our Sunday Services, our Conferences, and the newer Pearls as they arrive. And as has been recently suggested, whatever has been brought to my awareness has been needed in my daily life and contacts with others. Above all I feel a closer walk with the Masters as their presence in my outer awareness is increased during my rosaries.

I wanted to share this with all who may be so drawn to give this a try. God bless you all!

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