Celebration of Afra’s Day

Hosting of New Members & Referrals to TSL Website in Agra’s Court
Lagos State, Nigeria – September 14 – 18

By Revs. Sammy Aryee & Janet Osuji
TSL, Regional Ministers, Nigeria

Afra's Day Referals group photo with ministers

The First Afra’s Day is a memorable event in the history of The Summit Lighthouse.

This outreach event was strategically created to host all the referrals from our TSL website directed to Nigeria by Church Headquarters (Member Advocate desk) for further engagement and integration.

Afra's Day - Rev. OGB Ogunseitan - Rev Janet - Rev Oladipo Ogunseitan - Clare Osuji

Newly appointed Lay Minister; Rev. OGB Ogunseitan (From Greenford Study Group, UK), Rev. Janet Osuji and Rev. Sammy Aryee (Regional Ministers for Nigeria), referrals from Delta, Edo, Abia, Imo, Anambra and Lagos States were at the celebration with their families. It was held in the re-engineered Lagos TSL Chartered Study Group Afra’s Court, located at Victory Estate at Iba, Lagos state.

Great Friends of Freedom joyfully responded to our five-day retreat invitation, significantly dated: 18-09-18 or (09-09-09) – the power of the 3×3.

As we gave fiery decrees to Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, thunder storms and lightening flashed across the skies over Lagos State, followed by a heavy downpour of rain, cooling the atmosphere. The elementals filtered the air thoroughly and once more, we breathed a fresh air of freedom.

We played Afra’s first dictation given on the continent of Afra on 18th September 1976, Accra, Ghana; “The Powers and Perils of Nationhood” through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Strategically, this celebration will continue every year to honor our latest referrals to TSL website and integrate more with Ascended Master Afra, the Patron Saint for Africa.

In an interactive workshop style, we played Afra’s dictation, jotted down notes from his admonishments and discussed in detail about Africa’s plight on witchcraft and black magic and the causes and cores of slave trade. We took practical decisions on how to turn around the continent into a Golden Age by the Science of the Spoken Word, be our brother’s keeper and practice the Guru-Chela Relationship.

We resolved to give “Decree for the Freedom of Africa” at every service; I Am My Brother’s Keeper decree and Song to Afra as our anthem. We sung to Hare Krishna followed by Sanat Kumara’s Chant for the restoration of the Threefold-Flame of the continent.

Prayers were given for forgiveness for betrayal of the light during the sponsorships of the ascended Saint Germain’s Golden Age on the Sahara; Afra’s tenure as a ruler 500,000 years ago; The messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet’s rule as Pharaohs in Egypt as well as Blacks wickedness and inhumanity to each other in selling to slavery and the Cain consciousness of failing to be our brothers keeper.

Invitees were happy for bonus time on counseling, questions and answers as well as hearty interaction with the ministering servants. It was followed by refreshments and some African dishes. Afra’s Retreat, Part II will be next event. We will dig into the lost continent of Lemuria, ex-ray into the causes and cores of the setbacks of the Violet-blue race and give more violet flame vigils for Nigeria and Africa.

Our profound gratitude for the sharing love and support from TSL Headquarters, Johannesburg TC , New York TC, Melbourne TC and Friends of Afra in Diasporas. We hope to see you at Afra’s Retreat, Part II in the next event.

Always Victory, in the Flame of Afra!!

2 Responses to Celebration of Afra’s Day

  1. What a joy to see all your smiling faces there in Lagos State, Nigeria. What a wonderful world we have when we can share all together the beautiful Teachings of the Ascended Masters. You, our dear brothers and sisters of Light, sons and daughters of Afra, are doing a mighty work for Saint Germain.
    Keep on keeping on and we will have our VICTORY of the Golden Age.
    You are all in my prayers.
    Betsy Hoppe
    Ogilvie, Minnesota, USA

  2. This is a great victory, Sammy and all. What a wonderful blessing to Africa! It is inspiring to see such great progress and future plans. We are holding Africa and her chelas in our hearts!

    May God bless you for all you do.

    Rev. Karen Campbell
    Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

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