Preparing for Summit University in India

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

There is a lot of excitement in the air at the ashram in New Delhi and rightly so!

Summit University in October 2018

First of all, the long simmering heat of the summer has finally left the city giving way to a gradual cooler shift signaling the arrival of fall energies. Secondly, the dawning of a new cycle is on the horizon and is unmistakably noticeable with the preparations that are underway to host the Summit University (SU) Seminar on October 13 and 14 in New Delhi. This event, “Experience the Light Within with the Blessings of the Violet Agni,” will be conducted for the first time in both Hindi and English languages. The two-day event will be held in one of the most renowned inter-cultural and classic venues in the city – the India Habitat Center.

India Habitat Center
India Habitat Center

This will be our third SU event in India since Chananda Cultural Society began its work in 2011. The first SU event – which was on the same topic as this one – was held in September 2013 at the same venue in New Delhi. It was attended by many Indian students who later became members and since have joined the Keepers of the Flame fraternity. The second SU seminar was held in September 2015 in Darjeeling on The Path of the Eastern Adept and was attended by more than 65 students from many countries around the world. The SU seminar planned for October was requested by our New Delhi Keepers of the Flame and is focused on welcoming both the old members and new students of the ascended masters.

Contacting Those Currently on Our Database

The Chananda Cultural Society has developed a database of nearly 500 affiliates who, as always, were contacted by email and text messaging twice before the upcoming SU event. Another ring of local participants, who had attended our previous workshops, were contacted and invited through personal telephone calls to attend. Our staff has also reached out through phone calls and announcements during our weekly workshops with our current Keepers of the Flame.

It is very important that these seasoned chelas attend – not only to support the event – but also to interact with the new attendees. We encouraged them (and offered a discount) to bring a friend or two since this is the most effective way of spreading the teachings. The testimonials and examples of positive life changes in our current Keepers of the Flame is the best “advertisement” of all.

Contacting New Students

In order to reach out to the new students, we (Jaspal and the New Delhi ashram staff) conducted an intensive outreach campaign to get the word out about the SU event.

SU violet agni bookmark

This included the use of several online and conventional marketing tools and resources:

  • In the October 2018 issue of an Indian new age magazine, “The Life Positive,” we placed a full–page advertisement about the event along with a full-page article entitled, “Change Yourself and Change Your World With Advanced Chakra Studies.” The article introduced the readers to the theme of the SU seminar and described how the class will delve into many chakra-related topics that are little-known by most people, culminating in take-home practices, a chakra clearance, and unique third-eye blessing.
  • We posted 200 billboards in selected neighborhoods of the city with the message “You Can Bring Happiness & Peace in Your Life Through the Blessings of Violet Agni: 2 Days of Workshops.” We hope that the billboards will serve as a magnet to draw people to our event.
  • We made over 200 bookmarks showing the particulars of the SU seminar and went to a famous book store in the city requesting them to be inserted at the cash register into the books that are sold. This is a new experiment for us and we hope the bookmarks will serve their purpose and attract those whom the masters desire to attend.
  • We posted online advertisements on targeted organizational websites, including:
  • We placed weekly ads in a local newspaper which is distributed in selected neighborhoods of the city.
  • A 2-minute long video message about the SU seminar that was circulated online through Facebook, WhatsApp and email through our database.

India - billboard

Closing with a Prayer

We are truly grateful for the prayers and support of Keepers of the Flame and friends around the world. Thank you! We pray that all those souls of light who are meant to attend the SU seminar will be cut free by Archangel Michael and Mighty Astrea from the energies of the not-self and escorted by the angels to this event according to the will of God. Amen.

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  1. May you all have a God Victorious seminar there in New Delhi!
    My husband and I attended the SU seminar held in Darjeeling in September of 2015. It was a most amazing experience to study the path of the Adepts from the East.
    We are praying for Chananda Cultural Society, and for all our brothers and sisters of Light in India! We send our love.
    Betsy and Paul Hoppe

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