Bring Home the Lightbearers!

By Karen Brewer

In celebration of the 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse, a historic event occurred… Summit University went live! Keepers of the Flame from around the world listened to the inaugural online broadcast of Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s 1979 “Seminar of the World Teachers.” Virtual students participated online in the seminar which was broadcast live from the Court of King Arthur. And thanks to SU’s amazing volunteer translations team, the seminar was translated into both English and Spanish for the broadcast and the Ranch, as well as Portuguese and Russian at the Ranch.

World Teachers seminar 2018

Virtual students were able to attend all sessions, print out a downloadable seminar workbook, and participate in group discussions in special moderated “chat” rooms.

Virtual Seminar Feedback was positive:

“Being able to attend SU virtually has been such a blessing to me this year. Funds and personal commitments stood in the way of me flying over to America this year to attend it, but this was the perfect plan B. I feel so much lighter (pardon the pun) and energized and ready to anchor this light God has given me into all my personal tasks and projects. I am beyond grateful that I have still been able to be a part of the ascension spiral from the other side of the world and look forward to re-visiting the dictations and lectures on their website and digging deeper into the Masters’ teaching to really get the most out of it I can.” DC, Australia

The Messenger taught from the Book of Isaiah and delivered a fiery message in 10 lectures applicable to current world events and the need for spiritual acceleration to meet the demands of the times. Through 12 powerful dictations by Jesus, Kuthumi and Sanat Kumara, the masters called Keepers of the Flame to bear the mantle of the World Teachers, to witness unto the Truth, and to find their brothers and sisters worldwide.

To reinforce the training from the World Teachers, Rev. Carla Groenewegen presented outreach training using the Buddha principle of marketing. Students learned new strategies and techniques to join forces with the World Teachers Jesus and Kuthumi to find El Morya’s one million lightbearers.

And last, but not least, students agreed that one of the best parts of the five-day spiral of lectures, outreach training, blessings and dictations is the ability to hear the Summit University replays! Yes, Summit University has provided (for the first time) the replays of the summer Seminar “Bring Home the Lightbearers” on the TSL website.

What a blessing for the students to be able to listen to and study these important lectures and dictations. And next year’s seminar is only 11 months away! Summit University is already calling students of the ascended masters to attend SU’s summer seminar in 2019. It’s not too early to start making your plans–we hope to see you next year!

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