Counting Our Blessings in August

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

Mother Nature continues to bestow her countless blessings upon her children every moment of the day and throughout the year, whether one is mindfully aware of it or not. The months roll into years and years into decades and centuries and so on.  Time seems to fly away so fast. It seems like we had entered the Year 2018 not too long ago. August is called the best summer month of the year (named after Augustus Caesar) which has just ended, opening the doors to Thanksgiving, Diwali and Christmas festivities soon.

Celebrating India’s 72nd Independence Day

India Independence Day

Speaking about the month of August, it is befitting to say that it is a landmark month for Mother India. On August 15, 1947, India finally broke the chains of slavery under nearly 200 years of British rule and became a free nation charting her own destiny. The timing of August 15, 2018 this year was undoubtedly a special one because India celebrated her 72nd birthday in freedom. In this short span of time, as the largest democracy in the world, she has earned a respected place in the international arena of nations and is viewed as a potential superpower. In the field of social and economic development, she has successfully become the sixth largest economy of the world!

Viewed through the lens of the teachings of the ascended masters on the Cosmic Clock, India has just finished her journey of the 6th round of God-Harmony and Supply and begun her journey on the 7th round of God-Gratitude beginning at 12 o’clock line. The ascended masters who assist us on this line of the clock are the Goddess of Liberty and the Lords of Karma by guiding us to avoid the pitfalls of ingratitude, thoughtlessness, and spiritual blindness.

Spiritually speaking, India is the twin flame nation of America and as such, these two nations have independent as well as intertwined destinies to usher in and lead our planet into a Great Golden Age — an era of permanent peace and enlightenment! In other words, the progress made by one twin-flame nation can propel the other nation onto the Golden Age. To that end, the following words of the masters are reassuring:

  • Blessed ones of God, it is to the saving of the earth that we call twin flames in service. It is to the saving of the earth that all have come. Focus, then, thy desiring and thy love to this end. Give thy life to the cutting free of India, America, first and foremost holding the balance of heart and head unto the planet. (Chananda, Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 28, No.32, August 11, 1985)
  • It is most important that you cooperate in your calls to Chananda, to me, to Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, to Serapis Bey, the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain for the coordination of the divine plan for all of India and America as one. Let us then superimpose India on the map of the United States. Let us realize the fusion of these hearts, East and West, as the mighty fusion of twin flames. (El Morya, Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 23, No. 26, June 29, 1980

Happy Independence Day, Mother India!

A Renewed Look at the Chananda Website

Chananda Cultural Society website

We are pleased to unveil the new and improved look of our website In doing so, we attempted to give the website an Indian (Hindu) look both visually and in its content to help the Indian seekers easily connect with the teachings of the ascended masters. The focus of the message being conveyed is threefold and includes violet agni (fire), the ascended masters and their teachings, and angels.

Another key feature is the list of four questions people normally ask when they are on their spiritual quest: (1) Who Am I?, (2) Why am I Here?, (3) Where Am I Going?, and (4) How Do I Get There? Several other new seeker-friendly topics or features have been added such as Meet Our Sponsor, Your Real Self, Spiritual Masters, Newsletters, Testimonials and Photo Gallery. We hope you will enjoy browsing!

The website will continue to be upgraded and improved on an ongoing basis. We trust the website will serve as a magnet to draw many of our brothers and sisters Home (OM.)

Heart-Felt Congratulations!

David and Catherine Tonkin

On August 12, 2018, the wedding ceremony of David Tonkin, one of the founding members of the Chananda Cultural Society, with Catherine Bielitz took place at the Saint Mark’s Church Universal and Triumphant in Livingston, Montana.  Rev. David Drye conducted the ceremony. Several community members participated in the holy union. The atmosphere had a touch of India with bhajans and Indian music in the air and people wearing Indian dress.

Chananda Cultural Society thanks David for his faithful service at the ashram in New Delhi and congratulates the newly-weds!

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