Getting Recharged at the Freedom Conference

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

The recently concluded 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Summit Lighthouse at the Inner Retreat, “Lightbearers of the World Unite” from June 29 thru July 4, was a God-Victory. It was followed by Summit University’s five-day powerful seminar of the World Teachers with Jesus and Kuthumi from July 6-10. The seminar was attended by a record number of over 500 devotees from around the world.

Speaking about the weather, one could not have asked for anything better from our beloved elementals. Throughout the two-week period, the weather remained pleasant with clear skies in the upper eighties during daytime and in the lower seventies at night.

India Ashram News Updates

We are grateful for our three opportunities to share our experiences in India with our brothers and sisters prior to and during the July conference events. The first opportunity was on June 28 when, for the first time from the King Arthur’s Court, we broadcasted our monthly India-America prayer vigil from 6:30 – 8:30 pm MST. We are grateful that the broadcast has been faithfully hosted by the Bozeman Teaching Center for the past several years and we were very excited to relay it from the King Arthur’s Court on the eve before the Freedom Conference.

Ashram Hindi song presentation

A major highlight of the evening was playing for the first time the draft version of Song #614 to beloved Chananda in the Hindi language. The singers were the chelas and devotees of the Ascended Masters in India. The inclusion of the Indian musical instruments of tabla (drums) and harmonium in the background made it very special. At this point, some work needs to be done on music for further refinement before it may be permanently added to the TSL Song Book collection.

The second opportunity took place on June 30 when we gave a brief update of the ashram activities in the Main Food Tent during the lunch break. More than 50 people came as we shared the spiritual vision of our work in India. We also talked about the major milestones that have been accomplished and the next steps for the future that have been planned. It was a very interactive meeting as people asked questions and shared their thoughts. We played again the Hindi song to beloved Chananda during the opening and closing of the meeting and everyone seemed to love it very much.

The third opportunity was on July 3 in the King Arthur’s Court. We gave a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation to the global broadcast audience highlighting a brief overview of the Ashram activities and sharing the underlying strategy of conducting outreach and charity work in India. The presentation was concluded by playing once more the Hindi song to beloved Chananda which was appreciated by everyone with a standing applause. We are planning to translate and record several more songs in the Hindi language including songs to Sanat Kumara, Saint Germain, Gautama Buddha, Lanello and Mother.

Sons and Daughters of Mother India Holy Order

Holy Orders websiteRecently, our church has upgraded the Holy Order website (Holyorders@TSL.Org) which includes nine Holy Orders. One of them is the Sons and Daughters of Mother India that can be accessed by clicking on

It includes several links that contain valuable information given by the ascended masters about the holy purpose of joining it. This information is grouped under simple headings such as Membership Requirements, Mission/Vision Statements, Way of Life, Holy Order Vow, Charity Work and more. We look forward to many devotees of the Motherland joining the Holy Order of Sons and Daughters of Mother India.

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