Our Place of God’s Presence

By Ellen W. Ray

In Hebrew, HaMAKOM means, “The Place” or “Our place of God’s Presence.” It’s literally a place you come UP TO. It’s the place where God lives, His Shekinah glory. When I recently learned this word, I related it to the Teachings, I immediately thought of two places: 1) The Secret Chamber of the Heart and 2) the New Jerusalem. Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you (a HaMAKOM).”


Do you know the feeling of being in the right place at the right time with the right person or people? That can feel like HaMAKOM too. For me, being in King Arthur’s Court is HaMAKOM also.

Ethiopian Jews sing a little song and Christian Jews have translated it as follows:
Up on the mountain,
Down in the valley,
We still call Jerusalem home.

As a rule, the Jewish people are tethered strongly to Jerusalem. It is their Hamakom.

I heard a story from an evangelical pastor who was visiting Arial Sharon in his office in Tel Aviv once and she looked around the room at the pictures on his wall of Jerusalem (some with the etheric New Jerusalem above) and asked if he missed being in Jerusalem. His response was definitive and firm, “I am ALWAYS in Jerusalem!”

What does it take for you to stay aligned and live in The Presence? When we choose to identify with God and to live in His Presence, we are choosing to transform ourselves minute by minute, day by day. We must transform our countenance, conduct, be kindly affectionate to others, carry the voice of righteousness, and all of our conversation must honor God.

Honor is a decision, not an anointing, and it does not contain murmuring, complaining or back biting. The Honor challenge: I challenge you to find 10 people every day for a week that you will honor with intentionality. Love not expressed is love not believed. Believe in love, experience joy. Release the joy, as joy strengthens you and deepens your intimacy with God and the Masters.

Ordinary cannot stand before God. What you bow before, you are becoming. Whatever your circumstances, your covenant can be that you are: delivered though God’s Grace and transformation of your karma; healed by blessings; blessed abundantly; and rich in all the things you need or require.

Did you know that the pearl is the only gem that absorbs and reflects LIGHT? As a mandala, we believe in the power of the Spoken Word. Words can be said in a whisper, as a prayer; shouted as a call or shouted in praise; and there are words that reflect mystery. May we all strive to be a pearl and may our prayerful words be:

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,
Oh God,
Dear Jesus,
Take me to another dimension of the Father’s Intention.
In the name of the Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood,
It is Done!
It is Finished!
It is Sealed!

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