Meeting a New Student on the Path

By Ellen W. Ray

Do you enjoy hearing how others came to find the Teachings of the Ascended Masters? I enjoy hearing these stories and never tire of hearing all the differing avenues that led us to The Place of Great Encounters. Isn’t it a blessing when you are given the opportunity to meet a new student on the Path, a new Keeper of the Flame that is as excited as we are?

Recently I was asked if I’d like to meet a young woman who lives in a nearby city and is relatively new to the KOF Fraternity, Porcelain Cheek. We met at a Barnes and Nobles bookstore to discuss any questions she might have. We sat in the children’s section, as she was accompanied by her adorable toddler son, Noah, who patiently sat in her lap and stayed close with toys, while his Mom and I talked for several hours. A nearby train table situated for children to play with interested him a bit.

Both of us eagerly discussed our love of the Path and gratefulness to the Messengers. We are so grateful for the time, energy and love from Guru Ma, the staff, and all KOF who make this Path possible for all of us and for many who will find the Teachings in the future.

Porcelain and I talked about various books, Pearls of Wisdom, and I was so impressed with the constancy and blue ray verve with which Portia has dedicated to her pursuit of the Teachings. She’s studying diligently and has already completed Lesson 6 in the KOF Fraternity. It is so wonderful when a new KOF is excited about these ancient Teachings and progressive revelations that came through Beloved Lanello and Beloved Guru Ma.

It warms my heart to know another young soul (like little Noah) is being exposed to these Truths from the beginning of his life. Such a gift as this is awesome, indeed. Porcelain is studying to be a Montessori teacher and Noah will be attending a Montessori school soon.

We talked non-stop and several hours had passed before we knew it.

blue rosePorcelain’s first encounter involved knowledge of the Blue Rose. There was no coincidence that I received an email the next day with the attachment of a Pearl of Wisdom (PoW Vol 32/No. 19; Beloved Surya; May 7, 1989) that talks of El Morya and his blue rose and God Mastery. I was able to share this with Porcelain through e-mail afterwards. It ever brings joy to my heart when I see the “behind the scenes” work done in parallel with our day-to-day activities. Oh, the preparation the Masters and Angels provide as an aid to our Path. How glorious is that!

I left our meeting feeling such joy, gratefulness, and love, combined with a great sense of hope, knowing there are new lives in contact with our great organization and Path of Love. I am grateful for this new friend.

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