“The Twin Flames of Jesus and Magda”

“The Twin Flames of Jesus and Magda” seminar in Russia

by Rev. Elena Nicholson

At the beginning of May 2018, a nine-day seminar entitled “The Twin Flames of Jesus and Magda” was held in Russia, close to the Ural Mountains. The seminar was conducted by Rev. Elena Nicholson and Sergey and Evgeniya Volchikhin. One hundred people attended the seminar.

The very essence of the topic of this seminar was love, and love is also the very essence of our life. Through the examples of the twin flames of beloved Jesus and Magda, Guru Ma and Lanello, we saw how necessary it is to be faithful and give our lives to God to finish our long journey and finally unite with our twin flame.

We listened to Mother’s lecture “Unveiling the Mysteries of Revelation” on the cosmic clock. In preparation for this lecture, Sergey Volchikhin gave us a presentation on the symbolism, the root base and gematria of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which corresponds to the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. The consistent disclosure of the images of the chapters has provided vital clues to understanding the world in which we live and the circumstances that we face, passing trials and initiations in personal cycles. The four-day work on the Book of Revelation helped to uncover untransmutated stereotypes of the national subconscious that came from the communist past of our country on the surface of consciousness and placed them on the altar of God in the decree service. The idea of the descent of the City of Foursquare, described in the 20 and 21 chapters of the book, inspired many to work fruitfully with personal psychology.

One of the main ideas of this seminar was to raise the energies of fallen woman. In a dictation on July 7, 1985, Jesus said: “Magda and I have gone forth and yet the separation of our lifestreams that occurred was much like that of your own. Thus God sent me in my final incarnation for a multifaceted purpose—primary being the raising up of the Feminine Ray and of the Woman, raising up the light of that feminine as the fallen light in the body temples of all who went forth as twin flames from the heart of the Father/Mother God. In the course of raising up the light of the Divine Mother within myself, I became the Word incarnate. For truly the Word is Mother—the Shakti, the Shekinah—origin of Light of God known to Hebrew as feminine principle and to Hindu as the same.”

From the example of the last incarnation of Magda, the workshop participants learned many keys to the victory of their soul and reunion with their twin flames. We felt an incredible closeness to Jesus and Magda. We learned that we can call to Magda and she will help us establish a connection with her twin flame, beloved Jesus, because she is so close to us, being recently in embodiment, and she knows all of the pain and the problems of our modern world.

Through the examples of the twin flames of beloved Jesus and Magda, Guru Ma and Lanello, we see how necessary it is to be faithful and give our lives to God to finish our long journey and finally meet our twin flame.

One interesting activity in our seminar was that we split into groups and acted out scenes from the life of twin flames. It was great fun. And we saw the poetic and acting gifts of Keepers of the Flame. The plays contained poems adapted from Shakespeare and amusing stories with humor and themes from the seminar. We had a wonderful evening of talent combined with waltzes.

On one of the days we had an excursion to Miass, where we visited the museum of minerals of the Ilmen Reserve and Lake Turgoyak. They saw a variety of natural minerals and learned from the guides many interesting things about these amazing stones from the Ural Mountains and those brought from many parts of the world. Lake Turgoyak amazed us not only with its beauty, but also with a legend that continued the theme of our seminar on the love of twin flame:

The witch deprived the sight of a beautiful girl named Goak, envious of her beauty, and said that she would be able to see clearly if her eyes were washed by a young man with clean water. And the girl was sitting on a rock in the woods and did not know where to go. A young man named Tour, who came from Lake Baikal, was traveling across the Urals. He met the girl, crying bitterly. He fell in love with her and, having learned about her misfortune, decided to help her be healed. He returned to Lake Baikal, scooped up clean water, brought it to the Urals and healed his beloved. And one drop of this water fell into the gorge and formed a lake. So they named the lake their names TurGoyak.

In the end, personal letters were written and a clearance session of decrees was held. All participants received the third eye blessing through Rev. Elena Nicholson. There was also a presentation in the temple of a small lightbearer, and four people were baptized.

During the seminar, we held a nine days novena of love – tender and beautiful, very cordial and very deep.

On the last evening, we discussed what we most liked at the seminar. Many said that Jesus became closer to them. And if formerly they considered El Morya their teacher, after this seminar Jesus entered so much into their heart that they would like to commune with him constantly. Others said that they discovered Magda after the lecture about Aimee Semple McPherson.

The entire seminar was infused with Love. Beloved Lady Master Venus said about love: “O beloved ones, keeping the flame of love on Terra is the greatest challenge of all of your incarnations, of all of your going forth together into earth and your return. Believe me when I say that the challenge of love must meet the fallen ones in their conspiracy, must meet the threat of war, the massive buildup of armaments. Only love can neutralize the misuse of nuclear energy in warfare, only love can neutralize the pollution of the body temple, only love can turn death into eternal life–only the love of the I AM Presence accelerated as the burning in the heart, as the burning of twin flames for the One, the only One, the aloneness in the center of being.”

The most important thing we learned from this seminar is that love for God will lead us to our Victory!



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