Expanding the Heart Chakra at the Ashram

by Rev. Jaspal Soni

It has been over a month since I arrived in Silver Spring, Maryland from New Delhi, India. It feels good to be in America where the weather is much nicer, the air is much cleaner and, generally speaking, the energy levels feel much lighter. I feel blessed to be in the USA and in my home here for much-needed rest and recuperation.

While I’m away from India, weekly decree sessions are being held by local chelas at the ashram every Sunday. I often hear that the weather remains very hot in New Delhi with temperatures soaring to 110 degrees Fahrenheit while the monsoon rains and cooler weather is being patiently awaited by people.

Recording TSL Songs in Hindi

Songs in Hindi recording session

Songs in Hindi recording session-closeupDuring the month of May, we kicked off a new initiative of recording TSL songs in Hindi. We began by translating the song to Beloved Chananda (Song # 614) into Hindi and then recording it in a local studio with Indian musical instruments of tabla (drums) and harmonium played in the background.

It was a team effort by four of us—Reshma (who also helped in translating the song), Poonam (KOF and administrative assistant), Jaypreet (KOF and volunteer) and myself. We are looking forward to introducing and possibly playing this song at the summer conference during the India ashram update presentations.

We have also begun translating several other songs into Hindi including songs to Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Saint Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, Lanello and  Guru Ma. These will be recorded later.

Chananda’s Children Project

Park exercises - India

Another exciting development is adding a lot of fun to the ongoing initiative for the Chananda’s children living in the park across from the ashram. We have recently hired from a gym a professional  trainer who comes to the park three times a week in the morning and teaches the children physical exercises. The children who are also being tutored by a teacher who comes to the park every day. Everyone seems happy as they come to study and play with their friends.

Providing Tutoring Assistance

tutoring two sisters - India

Recently our Chartered Public Accountant asked if Chananda Cultural Society could help financially with the tutoring of the two daughters of her house-maid. This created another opportunity for Chananda Cultural Society to fill a need for children who were falling behind and could not afford a tutor. The two girls are Tannu (age 11 years) in 6th grade and Sakhi (age 6 years) in 1st grade. Now they are coached every day by a tutor who comes to their home in the evening and teaches English, math, science and other courses.

Thank you for your prayers and loving support. I will be in Maryland for another two months returning to New Delhi in early September. I look forward to seeing many of you during the summer conference at the Inner Retreat.

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