Where Two or More are Gathered … Illumination!

By Joanna Parlier

I have had visual problems with macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts since 2004. Reading has become more and more difficult – making studying the Teachings 15 minutes a day a true labor. Knowing this, last year, my dear friend, Dr. Patricia Parham, suggested that she would read to me over the phone each week, if I would like. If I would like? I was thrilled!

We set a tentative day and hour for our meetings which could easily be adjusted to our schedules, especially Patricia’s, who is a university professor and whose schedule sometimes changes. I felt called to read The Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch: Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil by our Beloved Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and learned that Patricia was giving the Enoch Rosary for our church, the U.S. and the world and so that is where we began.

It was a joy to study “ENOCH” together, though reading about fallen angels, nephilim, and mechanization man was pretty heavy. As we read, we would ‘see’ things going on in the world that were examples of the work of these dark forces. When we had unanswered questions, these came in the next week or so. We sometimes had to decree, individually, after our sessions to Lighten the load. Still, each week, we both looked forward to this study time together. And, I now have a relationship with Enoch that I never had or had contemplated before.

We were three-quarters of the way through Enoch when Church Universal and Triumphant released The Mandate of Victory by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. We talked about it and decided to read a chapter out of the Victory book (one a week) and then read from Enoch for the rest of the hour. We immediately learned the meaning of, “My burden is Light!” Suddenly, Enoch and world conditions were manageable. Wow! What a grace to our studies and our work holding the balance for world karma.

Mighty Victory is such a powerhouse and we feel his presence with us strongly during the study of his word and throughout each day. He gives many special calls and dispensations! We are not looking forward to finishing this book before the Summer class, but know that there is a reason to complete it that will become apparent to us.

After finishing ENOCH we felt led to study “KABBALAH: Key to Your Inner Power” by Elizabeth Prophet. It has been such a blessing to study these teachings together and to receive the inner teachings by which we feel we are guided to discover. Now we are learning about our soul and a parallel path to the ascension. Our comments and conversations about what we had read brought to my mind that we are having our own little private, mini Summit University class!

My gratitude to Patricia goes very deep (and she says hers to me, also). She has a wonderful expressive reading voice and knowledge of the word and truly a big heart. I believe that “where two or more are gathered” has enhanced our understanding, increased illumination’s flame and accelerated our work on the path to the Ascension. It has been a tremendous blessing for two KOFs living away from other KOFs. Always Victory!

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