Summit University in Toronto 2018

Understanding Yourself, Part 3 /March 16-18, 2018

By Jerry Kozoriz

Toronto Canada SU - March 2018

All those attending welcomed the final chapter of “Understanding Yourself, Part 3” that took place in Toronto in mid-March led by Rev. Carla Groenewegen and assisted by Justina Torres. On Friday the first day of the seminar when Carla asked if there was any questions for the first time of the workshop there was a silence throughout the room., Then after a slight hesitation at first the first question was asked …and all of a sudden there was a response with a lot more questions. From that time on for the three days of the seminar there was interaction and exchange among all of us in attendance. Mostly everyone got involved in responding with a question and sharing their views with Carla, Justina and everyone else.

This final chapter with in-depth teaching touched our souls deeply. All attendees thoroughly enjoyed this seminar.

One of our members commented saying they liked the way each chapter was discussed, and all the dictations that were included with this seminar. Another attendee said it was great, we have established a great chalice and the flow of energy was wonderful. A friendly, joyful atmosphere said another person.

The feedback about the presenters included one person liked the sincerity of the answers, the clear explanations to some very complex questions, and the group discussions that followed. Another said they enjoyed Mother’s lectures and question and answer periods, everything was amazing. One person said they liked being able to follow the lectures in the book. Another commented that Rev. Carla did a great job allowing the flow of conversation among the audience including her clear answer to questions.

Looking back on all three parts of “Understanding Yourself”, it was thoroughly enjoyable to look at ourselves and to have the opportunity to delve deep into our psyche to find the answers.

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