Change Yourself and Change Your World

Finding the Teachings and a Tie to India

By Rev. Lois Drake

Lois Drake and rose gardenWhen my colleague, Jaspal Soni, invited me to come to New Delhi and join him in teaching a Summit University course on the seven energy centers—or chakras—in the human body, I was excited. Now, as we prepare the advertising for the course, Experience the Light Within—Through the Blessings of Violet Agni, October 13-14, 2018, I cannot help but reflect on why sharing this course in India is the completion of a cycle started many years ago.

I began my mystical search during my college years in the early seventies in beautiful San Diego, California. I knew there was more to life beyond the physical world. I had heard about chakras. I wanted to learn more.

But I didn’t just want to learn. I didn’t want only knowledge. I wanted to understand how to use my chakras, how to protect them, and even how to experience the light within them.

And, where does a then-young-seeker turn to find as much as possible about chakras? To the literature of India, of course!

I can still recall the enchanting esoteric-book aisles of the La Jolla bookstore where my like-minded friends hung out in the evenings going through classics of Eastern writing, looking at chakra diagrams, taking home beautiful pictures of radiant deities, practicing meditation, and learning about the rainbow rays.

Still I knew there was more.

Not until many years later did I come across my first books of Summit University Press: The Human Aura and Intermediate Studies of the Aura by the ascended masters Kuthumi and Djwal Kul through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It was 1985. The bookstore was in Berkeley, the books were calling to me. I bought them.

But I didn’t read them.

Not until one year later, after many tests for my soul—complete with a number of failures and hard lessons—did I open those pages.

And then the chakras came alive in my inner being.

Little did I know that if I had read the books a year earlier and understood more about the chakras—and their uses and misuses—I would have saved myself the grief of learning my lessons through the hardships of returning karma. I would have learned that there is a spiritual violet fire, or agni, as we say in India, that was ready to dissolve karma, clear my chakras, and help me become more of who I really am—and who you are—a divine being having an experience in human form. I would have realized that our goal is to learn our lessons in lifetimes, balance our karma, and fulfill our missions before we ascend to become one with our own God-Reality, OM TAT SAT OM.

It is no wonder, then, that after thirty years of training in the teachings of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, I am eager not just to share this information, but the experience that accompanies the knowledge.

For example, we will discuss the difference between the simple rainbow spectrum we are all familiar with as chakra colors, and the ascended-master pastels that carry frequencies and attributes of God’s light.

We will sample musical instruments and types of music can stimulate our chakras to hold more light, and learn what types of music can cause them to invert and spill their precious energy while deceiving a person with a false sense of exhilaration.

We will explore how one’s life, health, and relationships can change for the better by engaging our chakras and applying the violet agni.

In two days, there will be many chakra-related topics that are little-known by most people, culminating in take-home practices, a chakra clearance, and unique third-eye blessing.

I hope those Indian students who join us for the class taught mainly in Hindi, will take away the living feeling I experienced when I first opened those books in 1985.

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  1. Same books, same year, even same geography (partly)!

    Yes, a lot of information, training, even falling but always getting up. Experience.

    Lois, thank you so much for sharing your story! Helped me to understand teaching and learning can really happen only through experience…

    Salme Salmela

  2. Each story of how one found the teachings is unique, and I always enjoy hearing or reading about them. I certainly enjoyed reading this one by Lois. We all have been blessed to have had the opportunity to find the teachings, and for some of us, to have had the added blessing of having been able to sit at the feet of the Guru (Mother). Were I fluent in Hindi, I might want to attend the SU course in New Delhi in October.
    William White

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