How I Found the Teachings – Blessed to Find this Path

By Dawn Curran

It seems silly to me to write down my story because it is the same story I have heard many, many times spoken to me by other students of the Ascended Masters. But perhaps I can witness to the blessings, protection and guidance that have come along the way.

I was born prematurely, weighing only two pounds. In 1954 that was pretty risky, and my mother, a nurse, said that had I been male I would likely have not survived. But here I Am! Raised Catholic, I was always at home in church and loved to attend mass. I watched the nuns and thought seriously about becoming one. Sunday School did not thrill me however, especially as I got into my teen years and began questioning the dogma and doctrine of the church. Why would a baby who died without baptism not go to heaven? Why could someone confess their sins, say a few prayers, get forgiven and go out and do it all over again without seeming consequences? These questions and more drove me out of the church to find answers elsewhere.

On my journey I studied many different religious paths. I learned about the Great Spirit of Native American faith, and Yogananda introduced me to Buddhism. I dabbled in the Spiritualist Church, trying to learn how to communicate with the “other side.” This was highly unsuccessful, and I know now that the Masters were protecting me even then. I learned about laying on of hands, and healing energies. I learned about auras and that some people had the gift of seeing them. (I’m not one of them!) I researched Theosophy, and I read books on reincarnation and the concept resonated with me, making God become a merciful and lawful Being! And in retrospect I know that all of this prepared the way so that I could recognize the Truth when I found it.

I hoped in my heart that there was a teaching, even better, a church that would believe and teach all these things and more. Then came the beginning of a new and wonderful part of my life. One day, in a bookstore, my home away from home, I picked up a book named “Climb the Highest Mountain.” My excitement was tremendous as I read the cover, and I couldn’t wait to get home to read it. As the Masters say, the past is prologue.

Now, more than 30 years later, I am still studying, learning, growing and amazed that I have been blessed to find this path. I have been protected, guided, and blessed all along the way. And I AM Grateful for the community of like-minded souls who feel the same way I do about getting back home to God!

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  1. Nicely written, Dawn. You’re right that we each have similar stories and yet I still enjoy hearing the unique one each person tells. I would encourage you to write other stories of your experience with the Teachings. I enjoyed this one. Always Victory!

    Linda Nix, now in Massachusetts

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