Australians Claimed the Victory Way of Life in Victor Harbor!

By Rev. Lois Drake

Australia SU class - 2017

Victor Harbor - Australia SUOur friends in Australia really know how to claim the victory of Summit University.

Not only was it a time filled with the teachings of the ascended masters, but it was also an opportunity to pull together fellow members and seekers from all over the nation for fellowship and concentrated decree work including 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM decrees they broadcast all over the country. (These stalwart chelas are endearingly called “Five A.M-ers.”)

Hail Australian Keepers of the Flame!

lightning displayDo you think this is a sign?

Following Summit University was a night of lightning displays over Adelaide. What do we expect after almost a full week of Summit University, Youth Retreat, decree sessions, Sunday service and blessings? Bolts of Blue Lightning, of course!

Talk about a scenic spot and beautiful accommodations, we had little to complain about at McCracken Resort. Victor Harbor was an easy jog or drive from the venue where one could find ocean, an island and causeway, a small holiday train, fish and chips, and cute shops.

Rev. Neroli Duffy Memorial ServiceRev. Peter Duffy, Rev. Lois Drake, TA Michaela Rouch, and TA Geoffrey Dickie introduced the lectures by Mother and Mark as well as beautiful dictations from Mighty Victory, Saint Germain, Paul the Venetian, and others.

Rev. Peter offered a beautiful memorial service for Rev. Neroli. Lay Sister Brenda Ruyter was blessed in her new mantle.

There were also Baptisms and Communicant Initiations, as well as the Summit University blessings and almost tangible presence of the masters.

Youth-led service

We also enjoyed a fiery decree session led by the youth who were part of a special retreat for them.

Leaving Australia SU - 2017

Sadly the time came to leave but not without plenty of happy memories of our time together.

Victory cloud

It seemed that Mighty Victory couldn’t resist giving us another sign in the sky!

Leaving Australia SU - 2017

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  1. Thank you Lois, such a lovely write up. ( forgot to write a comment when I first read it.)

    Would love to have more KOF visit Australia and join our SU 2019

    Mary Marechal
    Perth WA Australia

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