Violet Flame Workshop Comes to the City of Ghaziabad

by Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

Ghaziabad - Feb 10 2018 attendees

Violet Flame workshop posterDelhi is surrounded by two states: (1) Haryana on three sides and Uttar Pradesh on the east. Ghaziabad is an industrial city located in Uttar Pradesh about an hour away from the Ashram. On February 10, we conducted a two-hour workshop on violet flame in Ghaziabad in the home of one of our members who had invited us. We created an online flier, Violet Flame Workshop Comes to Ghaziabad which was widely distributed among her friends. This was our first violet flame workshop in that city.

The theme of the workshop was Many Blessings of Violet Agni. We had prepared a brief workbook which had 20 slides translated into both the English and Hindi languages. The slides were divided in four parts:
(1) introduction to the violet agni and how it transmutes negative energy into positive energy with the meaning of the mantra, “I AM a Being of Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God Desires” and nine steps for using the violet agni;
(2) a brief explanation of the Chart of Your Divine Self;
(3) the science behind chanting spoken mantras; and
(4) a brief introduction to the Ascended Masters.

Ghaziabad poster - Many Blessings

The workshop was held from 3:30 pm-5:30 pm. About 20 people came. We learned that many people who are interested in the violet flame seek healing, but lack the in-depth understanding of what the violet flame is and the sacred science of the spoken word. The cosmic purpose as taught to us by the Ascended Masters seems to be missing.

Ghaziabad Violet Agni event

As the instructor, I began the workshop by making an invocation and inviting the Masters, angels, Mother and Lanello to join us. I presented the material using a PowerPoint. Several people in the group had voiced their preference to have workshop in Hindi, which I did. It was a lot of fun sharing the teachings in my native tongue, which I had almost forgotten after spending over 45 years in the USA. Now, however, I find that I have regained my fluency, thanks to the Holy Spirit and Beloved Saint Germain.

The energies in the room were pleasant and people seemed to be very receptive to the message. It became easier as the workshop progressed for people to understand the message by following it in the workbooks they were provided.

Ghaziabad event audience

One of the most significant challenges of the presentation was explaining the true colors of the chakras as the Masters have taught us. Most people in India believe that the colors of the chakras are different from what the masters have told us. For example, they believe the colors of the chakras are as follows: crown (violet), third eye (indigo), throat (blue), heart (green), solar plexus (yellow), seat of the soul (orange) and base-of-the-spine (red). The rationale of their belief system is based on the assumption that the seven chakras have the same colors as the rainbow has. As a matter of fact, if one searches for the colors of the chakras on the internet, he finds the same results as mentioned above.

Ghaziabad - Jaspal Soni lectureIn reality, the Masters have told us that the pure colors of the chakras are as follows: crown (yellow), third eye (green), throat (blue), heart (pink), solar plexus (purple and gold), seat-of-the-soul (violet) and base-of-the-spine (white). These seven colors of the chakras are contributed by the four basic colors of the threefold flame and the base—pink (heart), gold (crown), blue (throat) and base-of-the-spine (white). The other three colors are generated by mixing blue and yellow which produces green (third eye); mixing pink and blue (more blue) produces purple (solar plexus); and mixing pink (more pink) and blue produces violet (seat of the soul).

I shared the teaching about the threefold flame, the Chart of the Presence, the Causal Body and their interconnection with the chakras. This particular knowledge is also not generally known in India. We are grateful to The Summit Lighthouse for promoting the recently started initiative, free chakra lessons, to dispel error and bring forth the truth about the colors of the chakras. This information is both timely and vital, not only for Indians but for all people in the world.

Ghaziabad - Violet Agni event audience

We concluded the workshop by engaging in a brief chakra clearance ritual by chanting violet flame mantras for each chakra. In conclusion, it was a very interactive, productive and spirited session. We could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

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