Cast Your Bread Upon the Water

…and It Will Come Back French Toast!

By Rev. Carol Cobb

A very wise man who I knew immigrated to the United States when he was a young boy! He had high hopes with great expectations and was willing to work hard! The hard work paid off and as he got older the opportunity was there for him to start his own construction company!

Needless to say he became very successful and actually became a multimillionaire. He retained his humble heart and his dedication to God throughout his life!

I said to him one day what is the secret to your success! His answer to me was, “You will never OUTDO God’s generosity.”

What was taking place in my life at this particular time was my husband suggested that we go into our own business selling real estate! I was terrified to say the least! My husband’s response was “where is your faith in God? He has always helped us!”

I knew he was right, however I felt we had to do our part and at that particular time my spiritual journey led me to Unity Church where I learned all about tithing! I was so excited I knew this was the other half of the pie of what it was going to take for us to be successful in the real estate business! My husband agreed and with loads of hard work and following God’s law we soon became very successful!

THE COBB TEAM MOTTO WAS “Families Helping Families”

Tithing - Secrets of ProsperityI realized as our business grew tithing was the secret to success!

I spent almost 35 years in the real estate business. I could not wait to receive a commission check so I could send my tithe in! On page 146 in Rev. Annice Booth’s book Secrets of Prosperity, she says, “When we stop to think about it, we realize that the tithe is really not ours to give; it already belongs to God. However, in return for the 10 percent of his wealth that man gives to him, God multiplies it by ten and returns 100 percent-whether in actual supply or in tangible or intangible blessings.”

Aren’t we blessed to know that all we have to do is follow God’s laws! Yes, this takes faith and courage. If someone says “I cannot afford to tithe” – that is the very reason a person should tithe. We cannot afford not to tithe! Our abundance is waiting for us!

Tithing Is The “Secret of Prosperity!

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