Recapping Highlights of 2017 at the Ashram

By Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

As we welcome the New Year 2018 with a clean slate to write on, we count with our grateful hearts the many blessings of the Brotherhood from yesteryear. We thank the Holy Spirit for multiplying the loaves and fishes of the teachings in India through various outreach venues in 2017. Briefly recapping the year that has just gone by, we count some of the graces bestowed upon us by the masters as we relive bountiful memories. And we look forward to the renewed opportunities that lie ahead.

ashram altar

New Year Celebrations

Last year, we celebrated New Year festivities at the ashram on the spacious third floor penthouse under a warm sun. Everyone was invited to write their letters to the Lords of Karma which were consecrated and then burned. The service lasted about an hour and included prayers, decrees and songs followed by light refreshments. This year we are looking forward to doing a similar type of holy ritual at the ashram on December 30.

Workshops and More Workshops

In February 2017, we initiated eight workshops on “Mastering the Divine Qualities of Your Seven Rays” at the ashram. The workshops were held three times a week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Normally, 15-20 people came on Fridays and 5-10 on the other two days. This phase of workshops on seven rays concluded in March. It was gratifying to observe how the Holy Spirit transformed people through the science of the spoken word.

Workshops at the Ashram

Later in the year, we began another series of eight Victory workshops at the ashram on November 4 entitled “You Can Heal Your Life & Achieve Your Goals through Seven Simple Steps.” The purpose was to share the teachings of the masters about working with our own Mighty I AM Presence in a partnership role to achieve life’s goals. We conduct the workshop twice a week on Saturdays and Thursdays. The workshops are free. A total of 20 people have been attending — 10 on each day. Some of them are new seekers. This round of workshops is still ongoing and will conclude in January 2018.

Celebrating Mother’s Birthday

On April 8, 2017, we celebrated Mother’s birthday at the ashram with the local Keepers of the Flame, members and their families. The festivities, including a brief ceremony honoring Mother, were about two hours long beginning at 4:00 pm. We had prepared a nice violet and gold cover booklet which included a summary of the legacy of beloved Mother, the words to her keynote song (Beautiful Dreamer) and a few introductory decrees.

After the service, we sang happy birthday to Mother and cut a delicious strawberry cake which everyone enjoyed. More than 20 people came. Some people commented afterwards about the tangible presence of Mother and the masters.

A Mini-Retreat

On September 5 and 6, we conducted a two-day mini-retreat at the ashram with Rev. Lois Drake and Rev. Ana Maria Dean who had arrived in New Delhi a few days earlier. The gathering of more than 30 community members assembled each day from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. All enjoyed listening and sharing the teachings on several topics including the ascended masters, the Chart of the I AM Presence, the science of the spoken word, and the violet flame.

Decree Sessions on Sundays

During the last four years, regular decree sessions are held at the ashram on Sundays from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. These sessions are attended by up to 10 people, including new seekers from the area. The advertisements in local newspapers, billboards, tuk-tuks and fliers help in getting the word around to attend the Sunday meetings.

Outreach in the City of Jaipur

Jaipur welcome ad

Chananda Cultural Society conducted two workshops to share the teachings on violet fire in the Heart Chakra city, Jaipur, on December 2nd and December 3rd.

Jaipur group on the first day

We prepared a PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Many Blessings of Violet Agni” in English and Hindi along with a workbook that was given to the participants. It was a God-Success as many seekers came and asked interesting questions. We have formed a WhatsApp group for the Jaipur students and plan to visit the Pink City again in February 2018.

Chananda’s Children’s School in the Park

Chananda Cultural Society had initiated an exciting project,“Chananda’s Children” in 2016 which completed its first anniversary in November 2017. This initiative provides education to children whose parents work in the public park located across the ashram as gardeners and caretakers. These workers live in mud homes in the park with their families. Since both parents in the families must hold jobs to survive, the children normally play in the dirt while their parents work. There are more than 10 children in this group ranging in age from 3-8 years old.

We found a lady teacher who comes every day in the afternoon and teaches them for one and half hours in the park. The children enjoy learning the English alphabet and much more. After the class, the children are served light refreshments when possible. It is a win-win-win situation for the children, parents and the community.

Quarterly Newsletters

Chananda Cultural Society has been producing and distributing two newsletters to the community on regular basis for the past five years. These newsletters provide outreach updates and news on latest developments. The Star of India, which is usually published quarterly, has completed a total of 19 issues, and is sent to the global community. The Violet Flame Voice, published twice a year, has completed a total of 8 issues and is sent to the Indian community. Both newsletters are very popular.

India-America Prayer Services

For the last four years, the Bozeman Teaching Center has been broadcasting monthly India-America prayer services. These are two hours long and are attended by Keepers of the Flame worldwide. We are grateful to the Bozeman Teaching Center Board and the community for their dedication and perseverance. We are convinced this spiritual work has made a tremendous difference for the success of our outreach in India.

Demagnetization Rituals

India demag Dec 17 - 2017

Two demagnetization rituals for India and her twin-flame nation of America, each 5-hour long, were held live by the Los Angeles Teaching Center and Washington DC Community Center on June 10 and December 16, 2017 respectively. They were broadcasted by the Inner Retreat and widely attended by the Keepers of the Flame (KOF) worldwide. Chananda Cultural Society thanks the Los Angeles and Washington D.C. members for their support and dedication. On December 17, a local group of Keepers of the Flame conducted another demag at the ashram. We all felt a shift in the energies. All glory to God!

Opportunities Awaiting in 2018

As we turn to the new page, we pray to the Lords of Karma for ongoing blessings of mercy so that the work begun by beloved Mark and Mother may continue to expand all over India, America and the world. This is our prayer, but we know by your support and enthusiasm that it is your prayer as well and we are grateful!

9 Responses to Recapping Highlights of 2017 at the Ashram

  1. What a Victorious Year!

    So many wonderful outreach events and projects. I am particularly excited about the “Children in the Park” and outreach in Jaipur.

    A tremendous amount of work, prayers and love have gone into giving the Violet Flame to the people of India. I am so grateful for your flame of unity and divine love.

  2. Dear Jaspal and Team, I am very greatful for your service in India. As said below, America is the Heart & India the Head of Saint German’s lead for Freedom.

    Vol. 5 No. 42 – Beloved Hilarion and El Morya – October 19, 1962
    El Morya
    America and India are bearing the brunt of the Sino-Soviet offensive which rears its dragon head in the form of two prongs of blind, communistic, ideological hatred, of which they have made Cuba the fulcrum. America is the Heart and India is the Head of Saint Germain’s bulwarks of Freedom.

  3. So wonderful, the Teachings of the Masters in India….I, as a Keeper of the Flame in America, will remember especially this work…My soul has always had a special connection with India, maybe from other lives… I also lived in a eastern spirituality-based Ashram in America for 3 years. May the Universal Teachings of the Masters spread throughout this sacred land… I am doing calls for these great efforts. I wish I were there to help. Is there a website or specific email in India to stay in touch, specifically with your efforts? Are the Chananda Society Newsletters on line? From the Heart of America to the Illuminating Light of India, Carolyn Amrit Knaus

    • Thank you Carolyn for your comments. Please continue to keep India in your prayers as you are already doing. This is of a great help indeed. We are revamping our website and it should be up and running shortly. Meanwhile you can log onto our two websites: Chananda Cultural and My I AM Also, you can go to our Facebook page under Chananda Cultural Society.
      Our newsletters are posted there.

  4. Hi, I’m from Mumbai. Do you have any programs here in Mumbai ? Would love to meet others here in India following similar teachings.

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