How I Found the Teachings and Kuthumi

By Paula Kehoe

PK - Grand TetonsMy search started at an early age when someone gave my Mother a book on Ancient and Modern Mysteries. I was 11 years old and could not put the book down. The last chapter was the author’s personal story and told how he researched and traveled all over the world. He said that in his travels, he discovered that each country had its own special tales of a hidden brotherhood, of secret masters, and he even called them ascended masters. I was electrified and knew I had to find them.

Later in my reading new age and metaphysical books, I came across the name Master Kuthumi and recognized it immediately. I thought “I remember this name!” The memory of Masters, of a community to create, all came back to me.

From that time on, I intensified my search for more about the Brotherhood in libraries and book stores. My father worked for the Government so we moved about every two years, which gave me a lot of bookstores to comb through. When I was 17, I headed to college in Chicago and discovered the Theosophical Society library in nearby Wheaton. I thought I had stumbled on a goldmine.

A year later, I found my first Summit Lighthouse book, Studies of the Human Aura by Kuthumi, which at first I thought it was a Theosophy book. I told my college dorm mates at Loyola University about the book and we studied it together. When we got to the end we found it was from The Summit Lighthouse and the idea that there was a “live” activity going on thrilled us.

My friends and I discovered the newly formed Chicago Teaching Center. We went to our first conference in Pasadena at Only Love and never looked back. I met my husband Daniel in Chicago when he was on the 1979 Midwest stump tour. We served on staff at the Chicago Teaching Center, then at Camelot where we were married shortly before the adventure of the big staff move from Camelot to the Inner Retreat.

I can’t imagine life without the conversations, lectures, dictations and blessings we have had with Elizabeth Clare Prophet, as well as all the wisdom and love from our “friends of the ages” – the ascended masters. Truly I see miracles every week from their ever present guidance in our lives. Even though the organization has been through major changes in its eventful 60 years, I feel that “the best is yet to come!”

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  1. I remember! And then my sister, Kristin shared the book, “Studies of the Human Aura” by Kuthumi with my sister, Cynthia and I and we became involved too in the Summit Lighthouse and teachings of the ascended masters. I remember taking my first airline flight from Chicago and arriving in LA and on to Pasadena to attend “Only Love” in 1976. What an amazing experience that was!

  2. Thanks Paula for this memory (I recall it well! I was there for parts of it!) Thanks for being the inspiration to buy and to study Kuthumi’s book on the aura. You helped to lead me and many others to the ascended masters. What a journey it has been. Always Victory! Kristin Neilsen

  3. Lovely story, Paula and well written. It’s difficult to believe how long ago now were our first experiences. My first conference was at the Easter conference at the Ambassador Hotel although we had had contact with the White Lodge in 1976.

    I too believe the Teachings, especially the Science of the Spoken Word are what have kept us moving forward, while hopefully still able to save the World. Please continue to write. Always Victory!

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