Summit University in Mexico City – October 2017

By Rev. David Drye

Summit University in Mexico City - 2017

The Mexico City Study Group hosted their annual Summit University seminar over the weekend of October 27-29, 2017. The event, The Recreation of Self, was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel with 175 plus attendees. The facilities were excellent for the students and the hotel staff was very helpful.

SU class - Mexico City - 2017

The Mexico City group has been organizing Summit University for many years and volunteers worked through the night preparing the room and altar for their members. People came from around the city and other faraway places in Mexico.

Because of the recent earthquakes, it was important for the Keepers of the Flame to have the seminar in the city. Much decree work was done to clear the record of fear and the trauma inflicted on the four lower bodies of the people from the severe earthquakes.

Reverends Linda Worobec, Zaida Gonzales and myself traveled from Montana to teach the Summit University. Prior to the start of SU, Reverends Linda and Zaida conducted the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation which was held at the teaching center.

The Recreation of Self is a wonderful seminar that includes teachings on overcoming our psychology, the history of the rosary and monstrance, and key dictations from Kuthumi, Mother Mary, and Sanat Kumara. Six new members participated, as well as many long-time members who helped to build the original study groups in Mexico.

Mexico City Study Group

Mexico City - Sacrament of BaptismThe board of trustees of the Mexico City group did a wonderful job coordinating the event. Everything was done with great love and efficiency. The translators were excellent and we were able to conduct the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion, Marriage and the Communicant initiation.

The same Summit University seminar was then given in the following weeks in Torreon and Aguascalientes, Mexico by Reverends Juanita de Los Santos and Ana Maria Dean with great success.

More Images from SU Mexico!

Sacraments - Mexico City - 2017-2

Sacraments - Mexico City - 2017-2

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