Bozeman Hosts a Worldwide, Live Video Retreat

By Linda Crúce-Robin
President of the Bozeman TC and Retreat Coordinator

On November 10-12, 2017, the Bozeman Community Teaching Center hosted a seminar, “Mysteries of the Ascension Revealed: A Retreat into the White Fire Core.” Facilitated by Rev. Carla Healy, this seminar attracted in-person and online participants from around the world. The entire seminar was streamed live in video from the Bozeman Community Teaching Center.

During the retreat, there were teachings and presentations given by a variety of presenters, including Bridget Hansard on how to align our four lower bodies; Patricia Romero on the alchemical marriage of the soul and the Holy Christ Self; Brother Roger Bennett on the electronic belt; and Daniel Ocampo on karma and the Violet Flame. There were even Qigong exercises taught by Frank Sarlo.

One of the highlights of the retreat was a teaching on Serapis Bey’s 14-month cycle as it relates to the cosmic clock, to the rays, to the chakras and to the Stations of the Cross. These were highly informative teachings, helping all to better understand how these components combine to help one master each monthly cycle and to more effectively weave a seamless wedding garment! Participants discovered that these cycles specifically prepare us for the ascension by helping us to balance seven years of karma in just one month!

Retreat participants analyzed the prominent rays embodied by Serapis Bey in some of his past lives; learned about his part in building of the great pyramids; and viewed video excerpts of the movie “300 Spartans” which addresses Serapis Bey’s life as King Leonidas at the battle of Thermopylae. There was also a well-crafted skit narrated by Carol Brenner that demonstrated how a candidate might prepare for the ascension. Viewers were transported to the etheric retreat at Luxor with a peek into the ascension process: observing the discussion by Ascended Masters of the candidate’s past lives, the candidate’s pre-ascension assignments and final evaluations.

For this special retreat on the ascension, there were 40 in-person participants from the greater Bozeman area and over 150 online participants from 13 countries: Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Denmark, Taiwan, Norway, the Philippines, and the United States.  Six teachings centers hosted the broadcast for their members: Atlanta, Austin, Calgary, Livingston, Toronto and the Netherlands. (The Washington, D.C. Teaching Center will replay the broadcast in January to its members.) All participants of this retreat have access to video replays of the retreat for a three-week period.

The seminar was a great release of light, providing key elements and teachings to help spiritual seekers to achieve their ascension in this lifetime. It was no coincidence that at the beginning of the retreat, there was a 6.3 earthquake near Ascension Island in the Atlantic midway between South America and Africa. At the end of the retreat, there was a 7.3 earthquake along the Iran-Iraq border. As we have been taught, earthquakes are adjustments from the release of light as it meets darkness.

Bozeman would like to offer many thanks to Rev. Carla Healy for her vision, for her dedication in pulling together the most informative teachings on how to win our ascension, for creating a truly beautiful workbook, and for facilitating the retreat. The ascension retreat was a God-Victory!

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