Outreach Activities Expanding at the Ashram

By Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

Ashram ad for Sunday November 2017 outreach

November has been a busy month at the ashram in simultaneously planning and conducting many outreach activities. The recently released three-year Mission Fulfillment Plan by the Chananda Cultural Society, The Coming Years—2018 – 2021, delineates several activities that are planned for the upcoming cycle. These activities include our first-ever outreach endeavor in the city of Jaipur located about 150 miles away, twice-a-week ongoing victory workshops and violet flame decree sessions on Sundays, telephone inquiries, on-site drop-ins and activities involving Hindi translations of the teachings and much more!

Mission Fulfillment Plan: The Coming Years – 2018 to 2021

As you may know, the Chananda Cultural Society is currently in its sixth year of service in New Delhi. By God’s grace, much has been accomplished during this period as envisioned in our first seven-year Mission Fulfillment Plan published in 2011.

Chananda Cultural Society: The Coming Years 2018 – 2021This November, the India Planning Committee released the second continuing three-year plan summarizing the work accomplished and re-focusing on the goals for the years 2018-2021. The goals were listed in a previous post in El Morya’s Garden.

Some key future goals include:

  • Continuing to strengthen our spiritual base in the Delhi area through workshops and decrees;
  • Expanding outreach through social media and starting a YouTube channel;
  • Publishing the teachings in Hindi;
  • Replicating the Delhi outreach model in other Indian cities beginning with Jaipur (the heart chakra of India); and
  • Expanding support for Chananda’s Children through our “School in the Park” project.

Nov 10 - Victory outreach

Outreach Planning for Jaipur

Violet Flame Workshop Comes to the Pink CityWe have planned two workshops in Jaipur on Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd from 1:00-4:00 pm to share the teachings. The workshops will be conducted by Jaspal and Poonam with the help of Jaypreet Singh and Bhanu Pratap Singh. Jaypreet is a newer member of our community from Delhi. Bhanu Pratap Singh, from Jaipur, became interested in the teachings in 2013 when we conducted our first Summit University in Delhi.

We will visit Jaipur a week before the event to distribute 8,000 fliers in the area with the help of local people. These fliers are printed in English and Hindi back to back. The opening line on the flier says, “Violet Flame Workshop Comes to the Pink City.”  We placed three ads during the week of the workshop in a popular Jaipur Hindi language newspaper and pray that the angels will bring all who are meant to attend the workshops.

Victory Workshops at the Ashram

Saturday Victory - Delhi workshop posterInspired by the webinar given by The Summit Lighthouse this summer, we began a series of eight Victory workshops at the ashram on November 4 entitled “You Can Heal Your Life & Achieve Your Goals through Seven Simple Steps.” The purpose is to share the teachings of the masters about working with our own Mighty I AM Presence in a partnership role to achieve life’s goals. To fit our audience, we adapted seven practical steps involving five inner and two outer steps.

The five inner steps include:

Step 1: Begin with chanting the OM and listing the challenges and issues one is facing.

Step 2: Make attunement and connect to the Mighty I AM Presence and Higher-Self by listening to the excerpts from Masters’ dictations, doing devotional decrees and singing songs.

Step 3: Practice the keys of alchemy for creating desired change—according to the will of God—by engaging in the master-mind alliance, treasure-mapping and doing the cloud meditation.

Step 4: Accept the blessings of the Higher-Self by offering forgiveness and service to others and ourselves, thus clearing the energies that block the flow from God.

Step 5: Surrender human expectations and attachment to the results by giving one’s time, treasure and talents to help others.

The two outer steps are:

Step 6: Take the next best step to put into action the outcome of the five inner steps, above.

Step 7: Celebrate the Victory by giving back to God one-tenth portion of one’s time, treasure and talent.

Because of the challenges faced by some people to attend the workshop on Saturday, we decided to conduct the workshop twice a week on Saturdays and Thursdays. The timings of workshops on Saturday are from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm and on Thursdays from noon to 2:00 pm. The workshops are free. A total of 20 people have been attending — 10 on each day. Some of them are new seekers. Praise the Lord! And many thanks to you for your continuing prayers and support.

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