Harmony is the Key to Our Victory – Toronto

By Jerry Kozoriz

Harmony seminar - Toronto, CanadaAn inspiring seminar Harmony is the Key to Our Victory! took place in Toronto during the Labour Day Weekend, Sept. 1 – 3, 2017.

The seminar was available to the regular English and Russian community members of the Toronto Teaching Centre from Friday to Sunday, and was presented by Rev. Elena Nicholson and her husband, Craig. Each member received a work book that was available in both English and Russian.

The members attending were asked to prepare for the seminar by watching the movie “Nicholas and Alexandra,” a film about the last Tsar of Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution. Both Mother and Mark’s last embodiments were as one of the Tsar’s children. This helped us to prepare for a lecture given by Mother on the film that I found to be informative and enlightening.

The seminar began Friday evening at 6 pm and ran all day Saturday and Sunday. The seminar contained teachings, workshops, decree services and five dictations.

The Toronto Community is grateful to the Nicholsons for bringing this seminar to the Summit Lighthouse of Toronto. It contained important reminders for maintaining harmony individually and for the community as a whole.

“I understand that my Faith was tested during this year. During the seminar, I got my Faith back!” EK

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  1. Thank you for sharing Jerry. Congratulations to Toronto KOF on receiving so many blessings in one weekend!
    Phoenix TC

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