Report from Spain – Oct 2017

By the Board of Directors for the TSL Barcelona Spain Study Group

Dear Keepers of the Flame around the World,

As you know, our country Spain is experiencing a period of grave concern and uncertainty. In summary, the autonomous community of Catalonia runs the risk of declaring itself as an independent republic from the Spanish State through a procedure that is outside of the democratic rules, that is to say, a clearly illegal procedure.

The parties in conflict are the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia under the presidency of Carles Puigdemont and the Central Government of Spain led by President Mariano Rajoy. We have reached this point because the two sides are positioned at opposite ends and there seems to be no point of agreement.

As Keepers of the Flame and servants of the Light we understand that since we do not know what is the will of God for our country and for Catalonia, our prayers always should be adjusted to this Divine mandate. Thus, accepting that the will of God will prevail, we fervently pray for the keeping of peace, fraternity, and the union of all the sons and daughters of God in our country.

We want to share with you the intense spiritual work that in the latest weeks our community, as one heart, has been engaged in:

Special Marathon Referendum October 1:

Over the long weekend of September 29, 30 and October 1, we devoted three days to intense decrees. We broadcasted special services from the Study Groups and from KOF homes. This involveda great number of leaders and achieved a very high participation, even with the many difficulties we had covering so many services. The members of our community have shown to be very flexible and very open to the last-minute changes, “we move with the Holy Spirit”.

We also had Teachings and dictation’s excerpts, specially the one from Sanat Kumara about Quebec, Pearl of Wisdom April 17, 1999. We gave the “Service for the Nations” with Mother and we repeated it on different days.

During these three days, we fasted with rice and bancha tea in the Study Groups, which favored the fact that we could keep retreated, focused and attuned with the Will of God. Our groups of north of Europe and headquarters in Montana supported us with decrees and prayers during the entire weekend.
Every day we wrote a letter to Beloved Lanello for him to take our request to the Karmic Board. We burned them at the end of our daily services. We won’t cease in our determination to move heaven and earth each day in order to attain the Victory over this situation in which we are.

Spain altar focus

Novena to Mother Mary to ask for intercession for Catalonia

Since October 2nd, we try to cover the maximum hours of the day with rosaries. Each KOF offers a rosary to Mother Mary. They can choose to give a Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary, a Surrender Rosary, a Scriptural Rosary or a Secret Rays Rosary. We give the “Call for Divine Resolution” along with it and in this way we offer continuously the Rosary 24 hours a day.

You are welcome to join us, since we need a lot of Divine Intercession in these moments. The battle has just begun…

Novena to Mother Mary

Leader’s Extraordinary Retreat
On October 12, 13 and 14, we met with almost every leader in Spain in person at Barcelona (some of them via Broadcast) for the purpose of praying together for our country. We have analyzed the political situation in the light of the Teachings, trying to elevate our consciousness over the mundane views about the situation. We are aware of how difficult is to be neutral, just working for the Masters as Warriors of Light, as we keep ourselves awake in the middle of a mass consciousness ruled by a very noticeable fear and sense of doom.

On Sunday the 15th, we celebrated Guru Ma’s Anniversary, giving many calls to her asking for her intercession. We felt her tangible presence during the entire retreat.

Guru Ma anniversary celebration

Daily and Weekly Services
In addition to these special services and the Leaders’ Extraordinary Retreat, our daily services and Saint Germain’s Services are focused on this specific situation that Catalonia and the entire nation is living through. We give more specific calls and inserts for this purpose.

This does not mean that we forget others circumstances in the planet; quite the reverse, we always have it on our minds, but our priority now is to ask for Divine Intercession to maintain the peace in Catalonia and Spain and transmute all karma, records and memories that have led us to this situation.

CCSG Spain service

Masters’ Quotes
In order to feed the souls of our community, we regularly send the Masters’ quotes, dictation excerpts, and the Messengers’ lectures that give us that spark of understanding we need so much. The KOFs tell us that these “reminders” are of great spiritual help in these moments.

We want to conclude by telling with great joy that the KOF of Spain feel very close and that we love our community and our country. We have demonstrated a great spiritual maturity and a great desire to raise our consciousness over this difficult situation we are suffering. We hope God in everyone of us does the work for his Will to manifest in our country so we can continue with our service to the Masters and fulfill our sacred mission.

Please include Spain and Catalonia in your calls, because the battle of Armageddon has just begun in our country and we need a Divine Resolution and the miracle of God in order to avoid a civil war, protect our Four Sacred Freedoms and to keep up with the mission of the Ascended Masters.

Spain in the joyful violet fire

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  1. Dear Board of Directors for TSL Spain Study Group:

    Thank you so much for your tireless service to STAND as the MONSTRANCE for all of SPAIN! It reminds me of when Mother was Clare of Assisi in one of her lifetimes and the nuns and the town was being attacked by the Saracens. Clare stood before God and asked for His intercession. She stood with the Monstrance, knowing that God would never fail her. Mother proved that in her last embodiment too at the Ranch during the time of raging fires near HQs. We have been asked to become the MONSTRANCE today. All over the world, as you are proving, God will not fail us if we do not fail in our Spiritual work.

    Thank you for being an example of the overcoming of fear, anger, hatred and destruction with LOVE! Love for the Messengers, the Masters, the Teachings and for Truth. God’s continued Blessings and God’s Victory to all of Spain!

    Always Victory! (Siempre Victoria!)

    Sr. Deirdre (Chicago TC Board of Trustees Co-President)

    ref: POW Vol. 31 No. 51 Aug 14,1988

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