Summit University in Florida

By Revs. Kenneth and Bonita Frazier

Kenneth and I had the great opportunity to be in Miami, Florida (just before the hurricane) for a Summit University Seminar: The Fire of Initiation, Embrace the Deep Mysteries of the Heart. The Miami Study Group hosted the seminar from September 2nd to 4th at their study group house in Miami. This very cute house has a kitchen, office, bookstore and children’s room. For this occasion the children’s room was converted into a cafeteria with lots of treats for the hungry participants.

Miami - SU 2017

The Miami Study Group did a great job in organizing this. There were 45 participants and three new people in attendance. The seminar material was magnificent. It covered the Ruby Ray masters and the Initiations of Sacrifice, Surrender, Selflessness and Service. There was also material on the Ruby Cross and the Dweller on the Threshold and Teachings on the Hatred of the Mother. We highly recommend this very profound seminar, which described many of the mysteries of the Path of the Ruby Ray.

Miami - First Communion

Aside from the wonderful teachings, another highlight was the First Holy Communion Celebration for Aida Belmonte, daughter of Jose Luis and Judith who now live in Spain but who were visiting their home in Florida. There were also four adult baptisms. These ceremonies came at the end of the 2nd and 3rd day of the seminar and everyone stayed and shared in the celebration.

SU in Miami 2017

This was a wonderful seminar and we were grateful that, by God’s Grace, hurricane Irma came later so as not to disrupt the event. Let all of us send our prayers to the people of Florida and Texas as they undergo these serious challenges.

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