Open House Synergy in Washington DCTC

By Sister Elizabeth St. Clair

Washington DCTC open houseThe Washington DC Teaching Center had our first open house in our new location on Sunday, September 10, 2017. I wanted to share the synergy that happened. When I found the teachings, I had lots of questions. The same questions we used for our open house and the same questions that were in TSL Now Volume 8 Number 9 dated September 7, 2017. In our discussion for the open house we identified four major questions. “Who AM I? Where AM I Going? Why AM I Here? How Do I Get There?

We used three of those questions and we setup rooms with those questions and the answers. Or at least part of the answers. Sister Charlene Lasley and Larrington Connell had the first Who AM I? room. The Reverends Bonita and Kenneth Frazier had the second Why AM I Here? room. Sister Susanne Villeneuve had the third Where AM I Going? room. We did not use the fourth question. The fourth question is for our follow-up service. Instead we showcased our Mary’s Way room hosted by Sister Rhonda Sabater. We had 13 people show up and they were given the tour and the presentations.

We filled large 5¾ x 8¾ pastel colored envelopes with handouts that were given out at sign-in. The envelopes included the Chart of the Presence, Violet Flame Challenge bookmarks. ¼ handouts on the 3 questions, Mary’s Way also had a ¼ page handout and ¼ page handout of websites included the Project Reach Out website

More synergy happened while I was searching in The Open Door online radio archives for a lecture I had used in a presentation. I stumbled upon, and I am sure I was led, to the same questions:

Who Am I –

Why AM I Here –

Where AM I going –

How Do I Get There –

Finally, and to me the best part. members of our community showed up who had not signed up to participate and replaced those who at the last minute could not make it. It really does take a community to do God’s work.

If anyone is interested in the handouts we created with the questions, I will send them to Patricia Romero, our Field Development person, and she can send out copies as appropriate. Patricia’s email is

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