Sharing in India the Meaning of the Second Coming of the Christ

By Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake


India is predominantly a Hindu nation where Hindus constitute over 80% of the population or roughly more than 966 million. The Christian population is 2.3% or 28 million. The prevalent socio-political climate in India does not favor preaching Christianity to Hindus in general and especially about the second coming of Christ. Consequently, Hindus may be not necessarily receptive to accepting this Christian message with an open heart.

The Second Coming of Christ

The traditional mainstream idea of second coming (sometimes called the Second Advent) is a Christian concept regarding the future return of Jesus Christ after his “first coming” and ascension to heaven over two thousand years ago. The belief is based on messianic prophecies found in the canonical gospels and is part of most popular Christian beliefs. There are many ideas about the nature of Jesus’ second coming that vary among denominations and among individuals.

According to the Ascended Masters’ teachings, the true meaning of the second coming evolves from the premise of God’s desires to endow his children with the same gift of Christhood that he gave to Jesus over two thousand years ago. Therefore, the path of wearing the robes of the individualized Christ-Self is open to everyone who strives to master the virtues of the Christ and who honors the light by walking in the footsteps of beloved Jesus.

Enter Kalki: The Tenth and Final Incarnation of Vishnu

Kalki avatar
Interestingly, Hindus also have a prophecy similar to the second coming of Christ for the times in which we presently live. According to this prophecy, Kalki is the name of the tenth and final incarnation of Vishnu who, according to the Hindu scriptures, is destined to appear in India during these troubling times to rescue people from their ignorance, darkness and foulness. He is depicted as a great warrior, riding on a white horse and descending from heaven with a drawn sword in his right hand.

Kalki is prophesied to appear at the end of the current epoch, the Kali Yuga, to usher in a time of enlightenment—the Satya Yuga—which sometimes is referred to as the “Golden Age.” It is during this time that mankind will allow their highest consciousness to rule them. Inspired and governed by the divine, the true nature of goodness will show itself through work that manifests the purest ideals and morality.

Kalki: Through the Lens of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters

When observed through the lens of the Ascended Masters’ teachings, several parallels can be drawn from the picture showing Kalki riding the horse descending from heaven with a drawn sword in his hand:

  • The Rider: The rider could also be considered the Christ Self, Atman, Higher Self, Vishnu-Consciousness, Buddha-Consciousness, etc.
  • The Sword: The Ascended Masters give us the understanding that “sword” is an abbreviation for the science of the spoken word—decrees.
  • The Horse: This could represent the soul of the devotee bonded to his master’s consciousness (the rider representing the Higher Self)
  • Four Legs of the Horse: These could easily symbolize the four lower bodies or “vehicles” of the soul (the place for foul’s residence)
  • The White Color of the Horse: Traditionally, white could reflect the garments of purity of the soul
  • Flying Horse and Rider: This seems to give an understanding of the spiritual nature of the prophecy and the potential for the soul—bonded to the rider—to ascend.

Observation 1: Pre-requisite Conditions for the Bonding of the Rider and the Horse

We observe that Kalki’s horse needs to prepare itself to magnetize the presence of the masterful rider inasmuch as the soul of a devotee (as bride) needs to attract the waiting bridegroom to her. The rider is our Higher-Self represented by Kalki, Vishnu, Atman, the Christ, the Buddha, or other true avatars. As we begin our journey of bonding with our Higher Self, we realize that our souls are usually tainted, scarred, and ragged from mistakes and negative karma we have made in this and past lifetimes. We have unwittingly—or sometimes intentionally—allowed our four lower bodies to randomly think and do whatever they want—positive or negative. We have let emotions of all kinds run rampant, greatly affecting ourselves and others. Our souls, the “horses” we ride, are brown, or black, or spotted. They are still “wild” as the horses have not yet learned to master the four legs of the four lower bodies. These horses are not yet worthy for Kalki, or our Higher Selves as riders to be ridden. They must be trained and tamed by learning life’s lessons, balancing our karma, and offering mercy and compassion to ourselves and others until the horses are purified and become like the horse of Kalki: clean and white.

Observation 2: Permanent Bonding of Rider and the Horse

This is, then, the beautiful point of attainment where the rider is bonded with the horse and the two communicate and respond as ONE in body, mind, soul and spirit. In other words, the soul gets permanently bonded to the Higher Self. Even as Kalki is shown descending from the sky, the soul is continuously receiving the heavenly vibrations of the Higher Self. This is truly the coming of Kalki and the inauguration of the golden age culture. It is through this ascension process that you will take your place among the company of ascended masters. This is what you are preparing for; it is where you are headed as your final destination. Then, you will be the Kalki, the Krishna, the Christ, the Buddha, the Guru, or the Prophet, in embodiment.

Observation 3: Expanding the Light Within and Without

It is said that one of the main reasons Lord Vishnu would manifest as Kalki in the heart of the devotee would be to defeat and destroy evil forces within and without. The same light that is in Kalki is the light in you. As you learn to expand that light, not only does it overwhelm and dissolve darkness and evil, but it also paves the way for your ascension after which you continue to assist mankind by guiding, encouraging, and shining your light eternally to abolish ignorance and suffering.

Observation 4: The Sword of Kalki (The Sacred Word)

We must understand the meaning of Kalki’s sword as the use of spoken prayers. The ascended masters have given to us extremely powerful mantras or decrees for our use in any personal or world situation. The ascended masters teach us that it is necessary to use this powerful tool to counteract the increasing intensity and severity of world problems. They ask us to use our birthright of God’s power to decree that God’s will be done upon earth in every situation.

Observation 5: Transmutation of Four Lower Bodies by Violet Agni

In India, violet agni is known as the vibration of Shiva—the Destroyer of Negativity. We must understand that Kalki’s spiritual fire for the Satya Yuga is violet in color—a universal solvent that dissolves all kinds of negativity, including ignorance, darkness and non-forgiveness from the people and the planet. The violet fire erases the records of unwanted shades of colors from our four lower bodies and raises their vibrations that are worthy of being Kalki’s permanent residing place. In other words, the agency of the Holy Spirit (Shiva) polarizes the soul of the devotee to the plane of consciousness where only absolute perfection of Kalki exists.


Although the teachings of the ascended masters are vast and profound, we have learned from our experience in sharing the teachings in India that it is always helpful to meet the people where they are on their spiritual evolutionary ladder. Presenting the teachings of the Ascended Masters to the people where they are comfortable helps in start building relationships in a trust-created climate. In the Aquarian Age of the Holy Spirit, we pray that people of both East and West come together in their understanding of the true meaning of the “second coming” and “coming of Kalki” as the one and the same. In reality, they are the two sides of the same coin of universal consciousness!

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  1. Many thanks for that very good and wonderful explanation, regarding the second coming of Christ, which I understood that meant the understanding of our own inner Christ self.

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