Honoring the Family – The Heart of the Community

by Candice Vann

During the 2017 summer conference in Montana, we welcomed families to experience community and spiritual renewal on our hallowed property. The Summit Lighthouse headquarters was alive with the joyful noise of children engaged in the day camps, whizzing by on bicycles, or participating in services in King Arthur’s Court with their families. To honor the age-specific stages of development, meaningful lessons and activities were thoughtfully presented to the children and teens. Inspiring inner reflection, the children experienced a beautiful meditation room that was specially set-up for them in the day camp.

Temple of Incal at Atlantis - Teen Retreat 2017
Temple of Incal at Atlantis – Teen Retreat 2017
During the Teen Retreat, From Atlantis to Aquarius: Manifesting Your Victory, the teens studied the profound teachings about these subjects and how to make them relevant in their daily lives. They participated in various activities, including a dynamic science workshop, the Maitreya Mountain hike, interactive spiritual discussions, and fun, inspired activities.

You may wonder how The Summit Lighthouse offers so many activities for family members? The answer resounds – VOLUNTEERS!! Every year, starting in January, volunteers and staff gather through teleconference meetings to start planning for the summer youth events. This collaboration between experienced and new mentors anchors the spiritual focus as well as the many activities. It is a mighty task to prepare for a 6-day overnight retreat, yet due to the dedication and diligence of the volunteers and TSL staff, teen retreats have continually been offered for over 16 years.

Our day camp staff hailed from all over the globe, including the Philippines, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia, and the US. Through their selfless service and sacrifice, the volunteers blessed the children on their personal path of Christhood. Often we hear from parents that all year their children talk about the fun they had at the day camps. We are very grateful for the blazing hearts of love and the efforts of our volunteers during the events as well as for those of you who support us year-round.

To understand more about the spiritual significance of the family, listen to these free podcasts from Family Designs for the Golden Age with Elizabeth Clare Prophet http://tsl.org/family/resources/podcast-family-designs-spiritual-educational-resources/.

To connect with us or to volunteer to help the Family and Youth Team, contact FamilyandYouthTeam [at] tsl.org

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